Wicked Awesome Sisters are Half Way There!!

  • Well, the sisters are half way through the challenge!!!  It has been so fun to do this together, and we agree that we have both needed each other to stay on track! We are proud to say that neither of us have missed a work out. 6 straight weeks of exercise!!  Can't remember the last time either of us did that! The eating has been tough this week. Any recommendations on how to curve the appetite when it's "that time of month"???

    More and more we are realizing how much we have to do this FOR LIFE....not for 12 weeks. Thanks for all the fun support and we will check in again in 3 weeks!

  • Awesome job ladies!  Looking great!  I just hit my six week mark too!  I was having my monthly visit last weekend.  Greek yogurt & fruit for a meal was my saving grace!  If doing plain flavor, I add some truvia & cinnamon.  Nom!  OR on occasion, I will make protein pancakes (35g oats, 2 egg whites, packet of truvia, big dash cinnamon, 85g cottage cheese, blend and make into pancake...I eat this daily for one of my meals) and if needing that "little something", will put some sugar-free mrs. buttersworth syrup on them.  Lots of water too!!!!  Keep up the great work!  Looking forward to sharing our progress again in three weeks. =)

  • So inspiring, Congratualtions-sisters!

  • so awesome!!! you both look great! :)

  • I was actually wondering about you guys the other day- I am so excited to see how you guys transform!  

    You guys are looking great!  both of you! You guys are looking like different people!

    I am 2 weeks behind you- I am hoping I get similar results!