Six week progress (stats & pics)

  • I can really see the difference. Great job!

  • Kermienme,

    Thank you!  How is your start going?  I keep a notebook that I take everywhere.  I log my food, workouts, and measurements in it.  I filled it with inspiring pictures and quotes.  I would just follow the plan as the book outlines!  No "extras" or a "little this" or "little that".  For example, my meals looks like:

    Meal 1: protein pancakes (30g oats, 2 egg whites, cinnamon, truvia, 90g cottage cheese)

    Meal 2: Greek yogurt & fruit

    Meal 3: Roast with small red potato, onion, carrot

    Meal 4: 3 egg whites scrambled on half a dave's killer bread bagel (or a whole wheat flat sammie bread 100cal), spicy mustard

    Meal 5: ground turkey in spaghetti sauce over quinoa

    Meal 6: Greek yogurt & fruit

    I made a lot of meals in advance.  Been doing a big pot of curried beef or chicken with veggies & swt tater or red potato.  Fajitas are almost a daily meal!  I do lots of bell pepper, lean red meat, onion, on a La Tortilla factory 100 cal high fiber tortilla.  I try to make sure to keep my carbs in check by when eating starchy ones, keeping the cal count around 100-150 calories per meal.  So look at labels.  Instead of sour cream for fajitas, I use just plain greek yogurt.  Can't tell a difference really!  I also try to have a bid salad with one meal a day using 1TBSP of Newman's own lighten up salad dressing.  Lots of greens, cucumber, some bell pepper & red onion.  Taco salads are great too!  I do extra lean ground beef or turkey in taco seasoning (google recipe), then place over lots of green, top with salsa, a big dallop of plain greek yogurt (our sour cream sub, remember!), and kidney beans for your carb.  YUM! 

    On strength training days I have an EAS ready-to-drink shake and some fruit post-workout as a meal.  I Love their rich dark chocolate flavor, but today I just tried the caramel cafe' flavor and it was to die for!  YUM!  But other than that, it's the only time I eat a meal replacement type meal.  

    Good luck to you!

    Thank you everyone else as well for your kind and encouraging words!  

  • Great job on your meals / eating!

  • whoa that's a lot of progress for 6 weeks! keep up the hard work! :) I'm starting my second challenge, thanks for the added inspiration