Six week progress (stats & pics)

  • Here I made it...half way through my first 12 weeks!  I plan to keep going beyond that...but just for timeline purposes.  I'm sorry the pics aren't the same size, but you can spot the differences still (I hope!).  When I finish I'll stop being lazy and resize the saved images to be the same dimensions. 

    SW: 164
    Bust: 38.5
    Waist: 31
    Belly: 38.25
    Hips: 41.9
    Thigh: 26.25
    Calf: 15.2
    Arm: 12.65

    Today: 150.8
    Bust: 37.75
    Waist: 28.5
    Belly: 35.25
    Hips: 39.5
    Thigh: 25.25
    Calf: 14.6
    Arm: 12.25


  • Sleepless08, congratulations on your six week progress!  You definitely put some hard work, dedicated time , and passion into these last six weeks. Another six weeks and you and your body are going to be more transformed.  I begin my journey tomorrow and I want to thank you for posting your pictures to inspire me.  I would like to know if you had documented your journey or if you can give advice on how to approach my journey to make it successful like yours!  Thank you, you look amazing!

  • Sleepless08, WOW you have some wonderful and encouraging results in just six weeks, imagine how it will all turn out after the 12 are over!!!!  Best wishes and keep moving forward along your journey to that goal. Thanks for be brave and posting your results so far. way to go gal!!!!

  • Oh my gosh that is awesome!!! You are doing a fantastic job!

  • congrats you're doing so amazingly! keep it up!

  • You have made such a difference!  And just think!  Thats only HALF way!  Imagine what you are going to look like in another 6 weeks!!

  • Incredible! What a difference! Good work:)

  • You're doing great!!!  Keep up the work!!!  It's definitely paying off!

  • WOW, amazing!!!  Keep up the hard work!!!!

  • Great job!  Keep up the great work and finish strong!

  • Sleepless's amazing how it smoothed your skin out on your legs! You're looking fantastic!!!! In 6 more're going to be in top shape!!!

  • Wow!!!! Great Job! Amazing Transformation. Keep it up.

  • You look awesome!!! NICE JOB!!!

  • I just came back to read more comments and looked at your pictures again - and you have really done a great job so far!  That is some serious change in 6-weeks.  Keep going, your results will just keep getting better!