• Alright B4L family here are my Day 1 photos.  I will be updating my pics every two weeks.   Well I have to kick in my cardio and start attacking this bodyfat.  My weight this morning was 197lbs not sure where I am as far as Body FAT.   Well I have 6 more months here in Afghanistan.  Plenty of time to transform this body for good.  STAY MOTIVATED EVERYONE!!!  KEEP making forward Progress!!!  Remember EXTREME MEASURES = EXTREME RESULTS!!!!!!!

  • Good luck and stay safe over there!

  • Keep moving forward and be careful over there.  Six months of workouts should be great for ya but it looks like ya didn't slip slide back too much over there. Just got to watch some of that Army chow,  I had 10 years of it from 1976-1986 so I can relate but I am sure it is more healthy for y'all nowadays with all the emphasis on fitness and health than it was in those days long ago.  (I was in my last MOS a MLRS repair tech at Redstone Arsenal AL supporting the school for techs there as an SSG (Shop Sgt in Charge there for repairs of the three proto-types we had there). Hang in there and Thanks for your service to our country over there!!!

  • WPBILL OH, and I forgot to mention that I will be on a very similiar model of that treadmill you use over there this afternoon at LA Fitness in Winter Park, so I will keep y'all in mind while I am running my butt off today!!!

  • I also started on June 3. Congrats on starting and kick butt during yuor challenge.  See you at the finish line.

  • WPBill Thanks for your support brother I appreciate it.  I'm going to be hitting it hard for the next 4 weeks.  Going to do cardio twice a day starting next week for about 3 weeks.  

  • Sounds good Peach Sonria we will have to keep each other motivated.  Have you taken your before pics yet.

  • Thank you for your service to our country. God bless you!  Also, good luck on BFL.  You have a great canvas to begin with.

  • Thanks for all you do for us!  Good luck on your journey!  Are you aiming at doing the full program for 12 weeks or something modified?  Just asking since you mentioned you are hitting the cardio hard for a while.

  • Thanks Kermienme.  I appreciate it.  I'm looking forward to seeing my transformation over these next  couple of months.  Thanks for the support.

  • Thanks Ag12thman.  I've done the 12 week program before.  I'm actually going to be tracking my progress Monthly for the next 5 months.  As far as my cardio I will be hitting cardio starting next week twice a day vs once a day just for the last 3 weeks of this first month.  I just want to knock off a good bit of bodyfat during the next 10weeks.  After the 3 weeks I'lll drop back down to cardio once a day for a while and then change it up again.  

    Remember B4L family


    Stay Motivated everyone.

    I ask myself daily how bad do I want the results I'm striving for.  It helps me keep my workouts and nutrition at a level that DEMANDS my body to change.

  • I took my before pictures...haven't posted them here yet