My first setback

  • I've just had my first setback; I've missed three workouts as I had a cold and sore throat and was off work. I also had a couple of days of 'comfort food'.

    I felt pretty demoralised, and felt like all my hard work had been wasted. Of course, that's not the case, I've only got to look back at my journal to prove that. I had three lines crossed every day right up to day 56, the end of week 8.

    Now I can get back to it today at day 60 with a good intense cardio workout which I know will make me feel a lot better. So I finish three days later on my 12 week challenge; better than quitting now and starting all over again.

  • Perfect response.  What's done is done, get back to it and keep kicking butt!

  • Get well and Then continue as best you can, thats the spirit  IronBrian!!! Your name says it all guy!!! Keep MOVing Forward!!! and be sure to re-hydrate after such an illness with fluids and lots of vitamins too!!