Day #1....Check =)

  • Well,  day #1 is almost done with.  I ate healthy, and a lot today, plus I was at the gym for a little over an hour.  My goal in this challenge is different than most people.  Instead of trying to lose weight, and get into shape, I am trying to gain muscle mass, and become stronger.  I am starting out at 112 pounds at age 35 and 5' 6".  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I am about 9% body fat according to the USN formula.  So about 101.92 lbs of lean muscle, and 10.08 pounds of fat.

    My ultimate goal is to gain about 40 pounds of lean muscle while trying to keep my overall body fat percentage down.  I know that may seem like a very large goal, but I have always dreamed big.  I truly believe that whatever we set our minds to, we can, and will achieve that goal.

    I can't wait to see what happens in the remaining 83 days.  I will keep everyone up to date as we go along.  Good luck, and best wishes to everyone else.


  • Good luck!  Eat healthy even though you'll be eating more and hit your 10's!

  • Will do DaveND

  • Quite the different goal from a lot of us but admirable (no pun intended there) and certainly obtainable. Keep Moving forward, keep us informed and best wishes from all on the site here!!!(me too!!!

  • I'm a hard gainer in the arms and legs, but gain weight in the face and stomach; so I don't know what I'm classified as. LOL!

    But, I know I will be adding Waxy Maize and other Carb gainers to take after my workouts. It has worked before, I just fell off the wagon last year.