Week 15 (no pics) with advice for starters

  • BFL Start: 2/13/13 (15 weeks)

    Male - Age: 52

    Height: 5' 11

    Starting weight: 195

    Current weight: 180

    Target weight: 170

    I started BFL on Feb 13 - Ash Wednesday. My goal was to do it for Lent and then do it for an additional 40 days after that but I'm continuing 100+ days into it. Sorry I won't share pics - I'm modest. I've lost 15 lbs in 15 weeks and feel great and look pretty good. I can actually see my abs again. My wife is just a bit shocked by it all. I'm going to look pretty good at the beach July 4th week during week 20.

    Some advice ...

    -Follow the food advice - but eat more fruit than what BFL says

    • - I buy cooked rotisserie chicken and use it for lunch. Pick the meat, mix with avocado, apple etc. 
    • - Eat lots of eggs - I eat 3-4 every morning 
    • - Celery is under-rated. It works great with cottage cheese and natural peanut butter.  
    • - Cut out pasta completely (especially no spaghetti with red sauce) 
    • - Cut out bread completely (no sammiches!!  Ever!) 
    • - Cut out soda, candy, cookies and all sweets completely.
    • - Get plain Greek yogurt and mix your own fruit (add honey if sweetness is needed). 
    • - Speaking of honey - try it as your sweetener of choice - it has benefits. 
    • - Drink water all day. Drink a sip after each rep during workouts 
    • - Eat more fruit than what BFL calls for. Eat fruits with a low glycemic load (not to be confused with glycemic index). Don't be intimidated by the "grapefruit has so much sugar" myth ... much of the sugar is fiber based.
    • - Natural peanut butter on apples is awesome.
    • - If your wife/husband/partner makes a meal that doesn't fit the plan, don't eat it and tell them why.
    • Be careful with nuts - I have a tendency to eat a lot at a sitting. Make sure you portion them!!!
    • Over the 15 weeks, I've only take a "day off" the food plan approx 6-7 times. And then, only for a single meal - never an entire day.

    -Follow the work-outs pretty closely - except the HIIT

    • - Definitely lift weights!! Don't even attempt this program without it. 
    • - I haven't done high intensity interval training - you need to be in adequate shape to do this correctly and I think I'll be there soon. Better to be safe than sorry and the last thing I wanted was a stress injury to slow me down.
    • - My schedule:     
      • - Upper body Mon and Wed morning     
      • - Lower body Tues and Thurs morning     
      • - Light jog (2.2 - 3.5 miles - 8:20-9:00 pace) Mon, Tues, Wed Evenings and Saturday mornings.
    • -If you sit at a desk all day long ...  
      • - Walk for 10-15 minutes twice each day (smokers waste more time than this).  Eat an apple or some other portable fruit while you walk and drink a few big gulps of water when you return 
      • - focus on your posture while sitting - keep your back straight and periodically crunch your abs and hold it for as long as possible
    • -Do take pictures of yourself (you don't have to share!) front and back. It's a true motivator. I saw results in 6 weeks and it kept me going.
    I travel almost weekly for work. The good news is that I've been able to run on the beach. The bad news is you really have to be disciplined with the food - preparing  meals in a hotel room that has no kitchen isn't easy. 
  • Threadstone, very good advice not only to starters, but those with multiple challenges under their belts.

    I'm 49 and finished C1 back in early April.  Went from 212 to 194 which I was generally pleased with, but still plenty of work to do. I had posted my pics shortly after on this thread.   I am like you that I hope to see my abs soon.  The HIITs and hitting my 10s made a big difference but  diet discipline is the key.  THis time around, I have cut out wheat bread and pasta completely.  Just started reading "Wheat Belly" and it is an eye-opener.  Glad to see someone else likes the rotisserie chicken. Had it at lunch myself with an apple - NO SAMMICH.  

    Congatulations on you successul transformation and keep going strong!!

  • You said you can actually see your abs but you aren't in adequate shape enough to do Hiit cardio? I wouldn't suggest skipping the cardio to anyone starting out. Unless someone is hundreds of pounds overweight or has been advised not to do cardio by a doctor, there's no reason to skip it as it is very important. This is a good post with helpful tips, but I just feel it is important to coment on that one thing.

    People have different 10's. In the book it says your level 5 might be walking up a flight of stairs. That used to be my 10. I mean I started out with a belly like santa clause and had really weak muscles. I feel like the cardio improved my life very significantly. I couldn't ride my bike around the corner for a pack of smokes at the beginning of this year. Last week, I rode a total of 90 miles. I ride 30 miles in one trip like nothing! It feels so awesome. I did it all as a smoker, too. I am trying to quit. I just keep thinking about how much better I can ride without it. But anyway, don't short-change yourself by skipping the cardio! It keeps your heart healthy, too.