Looking for some help and positivity

  • Hi all,

    I am just looking for some advice and possibly some words of encouragement. A couple weeks ago I had to put my challenge on hold because I had mono and was unable to make it to the gym or eat right due to loss of appetite and inability to eat solid foods. I was in the beginning of week 5 and I have had to take a total of 2 almost 3 weeks off. Needless to say I am feeling a little discouraged because I hate the idea that I may have to start all over again and I am scared that these last couple weeks have completely erased all of my hard work. Any advice or help on getting back in there would really be great! Thank you all!

  • I have done the challenge before and got really really sick .  I was stuck in bed for a little more than a week and it took me another week to rest and take it easy until I gained my strength back enough to work out.  I still finished with great results (without having to start over).  As long as you don't start thinking ice cream and chips will make you better, lol, you will be fine.  The better care you take care of yourself, the faster you will recover.  Don't stress about BFL- it'll always be here.  When you feel strong again, get back on the horse.

    Take care of yourself first.  

  • I would just pick up where you left off. You will still make progress in this Challenge and you can get excited about the next 12 weeks should you decide to add a second Challenge.

  • One of my favorite quotations is:  "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around."   Each moment is a new opportunity to renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and BFL is the tool to get yourself organized, hold yourself accountable, develop strength, get rid of excesses that hold you back, and nourish yourself with creative and health-driven foods.  You can do it! : )  

  • I've just had a setback too; I've missed three workouts as I had a cold and sore throat and was off work. I also had a couple of days of 'comfort food'.

    I felt pretty demoralised, and felt like all my hard work had been wasted. Of course, that's not the case, I've only got to look back at my journal to prove that. I had three lines crossed every day right up to day 56, the end of week 8.

    Now I can get back to it today at day 60 with a good intense cardio workout which I know will make me feel a lot better. So I finish three days later on my 12 week challenge; better than quitting now and starting all over again.

  • Pick up from where you left off as if nothing happened. You will be pleasantly surprised :o)