"How I Got My BFL Book" story

  • I love stories about how people were first inspired to join BFL. 

    I'll tell mine first. 

    My brother in law bought my sister the BFL book after she had their second child. She showed it to me- it had a shiny white cover with a picture of Bill Phillips on the cover- healthy, tan and looking like he just won a Mr. America contest. My brother in law and sister claimed to follow it for "months", and encouraged me to do it too. They gave me the book, but as I watched them give up and continue on only half heartedly, I gave up hope. As their weight began to pile back on, I thought some people were just destined to be "frumpy".   I passed the book along to my dad who also tried it. For a day. Then quit. The book traveled from his night stand, to the living room couch, to beneath the coffee table, then banished to the bottom shelf in the guest bedroom, stuck between an old Nutrition text book from college and a pile of 30 year old National Geographics. 

    Four years and 20 pounds later, after a horrific divorce, My daughter and I began digging through my parent's book collection in search of some animal photos. I came across a big red book, 2 inches deep in dust.  It was old with pages falling out. It smelled like molded hamburger. I thumbed through some of the pages, recognizing it instantly. My daughter sat beside me, pointing to random pictures, and together we looked at some inspiring 'after' pictures of rock hard abs and stellar muscular arms and legs. I thought to myself "They are on steroids. No way could anyone ever look like that."  One picture, of a beautiful burnette, wearing a blue swimsuit, caught my daughters eye.  "She's so pretty!" she said over and over. I took the book out, remembering it was a gift from my brother in law. I handed the book to my dad, we laughed because we hadn't seen it in years- and now it is naked and moldy. As I left, I took out their trash and tossed the book into their roadside trash can, beneath leaking bags of old chinese food. 

    I jumped into my car, backed out, and my daughter, who was talking to herself in the backseat said out loud "Mom, That girl was so pretty. Can't you look in the book to see how she got so pretty?". I was angry at first when I heard her say this.... then realized..... why don't I? I threw the car in reverse, ran back to my parents garbage can and dug it out. Six weeks later.... here I am. 7 pounds, 2 inches lighter. 

    I have a family reunion in June (about the time my 12 weeks will be up) and I plan on giving the same book back to my brother in law and sister. Hopefully my results will inspire them to pull it together and do the challenge. The right way this time. I also have the same hopes for my dad who jumps from one fad diet to another.

    Wish me luck.

    Anyways, How did you guys come across the BFL program/ book?? 

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy-Cool story! Glad you went back to get it and you are with us!

    My story isn't as exciting...taught a middle school wt. training class and the other teacher and I would trade magazines and such...back when Muscle Media was still in print (I had almost every issue I think, but got mad one day  and tossed them-stupid! this was post Child #3, 05 or 06)) I saw that BP had a book. Bought the book, my co-worker did too and we did a challenge...we looked awesome!

    This led to a few more staff members trying the program...

    I'm still using the same book, a little ripped on the cover and marker marks from the kiddos, but it is one of the best books I've ever bought! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • My story isn't very inspiring either.  A good friend and I were talking one day and I made a comment about how I spent my 20's fat from having 2 babies.  I worked my butt off walking and dieting to lose the weight but now I'm just flabby with a belly full of stretch marks.   I said "Oh well, I guess I'm too old to be a hardbody now anyway".  A few days later my Body for Life book arrived in the mail.  

  • Hi Stacy - way cool story.

    Mine is more like how it came back into my life.

    I bought my book in 1999.

    Read it through and thought it was the coolest book I ever read.

    I wanted to do it, but a lot of things going on in my life.

    My first son was born about the same time.

    Work situation in constant transition (construction).

    The economy bouncing all over the place from 9/11 onward.

    2nd son born the following January.

    Moved like 5 times. The last 3 times in the last three years do to divorce (14 year marriage)  and bankruptcy.

    In the middle of all that I was in college full time for my construction management degree, of which, I have two finals to complete for the degree.

    A couple of high points some how did surface during this turmoil.

    - I actually won a singer/songwriter of the year award from Los Angeles Music Awards a couple of months after my separation.

    - I volunteered my time for something I believe in every week.

    - My construction design company really picked up for about 4 months, but then went dead for the last 2 years due to the economy. The last couple months has slowly gained momentum, and actually making enough to call it a living.

    It all finally crashed in on me and everything came to halt all at once, due to depression, discouragement, frustration, failure, anger, sadness, ...

    The last 3 years I was alone. Getting my boys every weekend.

    I spent this time looking inward, and what I needed to do to change, if I was to ever find happiness.

    The Elders from my Kingdom Hall, who were working with my situation helped me to get a proper perspective from the scriptures on things, and made it clear that I was only 50% of the problem, from their examination of the situation. My wife had cheated on me.

    I since have found happiness, and a companion. Re-married last September 26, High Tide at Cape Look Out, Oregon Coast 7:04 PM Sundown. Clear sky's with the most beautiful, panoramic sunset.

    So, now here I am, I have my God, I have my soul mate, and I am happier then I have ever been in my entire life.

    One problem, I am 40 pounds over weight.

    I had some boxes of stuff stored at the last place I was living in a house about to be torn down in Lake Oswego - near Portland. I was drafting blueprints for a builder, for two houses to be built there. I lived there for free for almost  year, before I re-married.

    So, about 7 weeks ago, I went back to that house, I haven't been to since I re-married. I was hit with a wave of emotion remembering the week ends with my boys, all my friends who would come over (a few all nighters playing cards, scrabble, risk, and just talking).

    I did a lot of growing, and healing, there. It was there I was going through one of the boxes that never got unpacked from the last 3 moves - deciding what to throw away, and what needed to be kept.

    As I got to the bottom of the box, everything went into the black trash bag.

    Everything except one thing, there, in perfect pristine condition from the day I bought it - was Bill Phillips flexing his perfect bicep and confident sparkling eyes smiling at me!

    I looked at him for a moment before pulling the book from the bottom of the box. I had forgotten.

    And, in a flash of second, everything I read from that book over 10 years ago hit me, and I knew right then and there - this is the missing piece in my life.

    A body-for-(a-good) life.

    Just a week or so prior, I found out I was  borderline high blood pressure, borderline type 1 diabetes, high tri-glycerides, cholesterol wasn't too bad, 40 pnds obese, heart attach waiting to happen.


    All the pieces of my life got put back together, and this, this is the icing on the cake.

    One more thing in my life that makes sense, and brings purpose. One more thing giving me even more control over today, and tomorrow.

    I am 41 years old, and today - "it's onward and upward"!

    Thanks, Bill. But, in the end, everything good is from our Maker. He is the designer of our bodies, that made it possible for people like Bill, to make these discovery's, and find TRUTH, and to share it with those looking for it!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Terry,

    Sorry you had to go through all of that to get to the place you are at NOW...but I believe God is working in His time and NOW is the time HE has chosen for YOU. Best wishes to you as you go along with His plans! Many Blessings! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • That and he was working with a hard nut to crack. But, nothing is impossible for those searching!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Terry - what an amazing journey. We all have our stories and they are all important. Thank you for sharing. You are in the right place now.

    Some days the perfectionist in me wants to control my day (and my husbands). Then other days (the better days) are when I wake up and think "I wonder what God is going to do with me today". (no offense - I mean whoever or whatever you consider your "God")

    To each day may there be peace within, knowing you are where you are is the right place, and that you are with who you should be at this time, and that those who you are to meet in the future, will be there when the time is right to show you what is in store for that time, that day, that chapter.

    Im glad Bill Phillips and his book stayed there waiting for the right time. That is amazing. (well in human terms anyways! lol)

  • Your stories are all inspiring!  Terry- What a story! It's amazing you were able to pick yourself back up after such a hard run and really focus on YOU.

    Stacy Lynn

  • I love these stories!  (bump)

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hmmm I love stories – they are as encouraging and uplifting and supporting as looking at the before – during and after pictures.

    Here is my story :)

    I never had a weight problem until I started my family at age 23 in 1990. After trying multiple ways to loose weight which looked like trying multiple diets and purchasing just about every type of exercise “something” that came along because “they made it look so easy and this is the ONE that is going to get me there I just know it” I finally gave up.      I did run and do one of the leading weight loss programs from March 1998 to October 1998 and the results were fantastic by the end of October I was 10 pounds heavier than my goal weight and 2 pant sizes smaller than I expected AND I had muscle tone in my lower body, something I had NEVER encountered in my quest to “get skinny” and I LIKED IT.  

    I was born with a degenerative disease in both my knees but have been blessed enough to only have experienced problems in my left knee with my first surgery being in 1992 and my 16th surgery in 2006 which was a partial knee replacement.  My knee issues stopped me from returning to running the year after I started and because the eating program left me feeling hungry a lot of the time it was easy to not return to it – at this point I was more than my initial 40 pounds overweight and had no hope in sight.

    I vowed to not purchase one more thing unless it fell into my guidelines listed below:

    1) My family could follow it along with me so I only had to purchase one set of groceries as I was on a very strict budget and limited income.

    2) I could do it safely, effectively and successfully UNTIL the day I die.

    3) I could do it with my knee issues.

    4) I could find someone that was “JUST LIKE ME” and see their change (I needed proof that it worked).

    5) It was not just about being skinny but about being healthy.

    With my guidelines in mind I started praying – who better to show me where to go than the One who knows it all right (hope I don’t offend anyone, sorry if I do).

    In 2007 my mom told me about a lady she knew that was doing BFL and that she had lost a lot of weight and was looking really good – one note, my parents live in a retirement community, the lady she was speaking of was in her 70’s – I was still set in my convictions to not purchase so I decided that I could eat 6 times a day and that would suffice and believe it or not that did.  In January 2007 I started eating 3 regular meals with 3 snacks in between (trying to stay healthy in my food choices) and by March I had lost some weight, with no attempt at exercising whatsoever BUT I still was not purchasing anything so I got on line and decided that if I could find someone that was “just like me” I might consider looking into this BFL thing a little bit more – I did find what I was looking for but was still skeptical of my track record for “buying and trying” soo  I went to our local library and checked out Bill Phillips book and read it in a weekend – I am an underliner, highlighter, corner page turner, in the margin note maker so it was hard to not “mess up” the library copy but amazingly enough I still did not have enough confidence in myself so I did not “purchase” the book – I checked the book out 2 more times and finally in June of 2007 I decided to make the purchase as this BFL thing fit all my guidelines to a T, I also wanted to experience the full BFL as i have always been interested in lifting weights but never brave enough to pursue it.

    I now not only own my own BFL book but also the Champions book as well and I look forward to not only completing my Challenges but also at making this BFL my BFL.

    Thanks for letting me share and for being brave enough to share your own stories, as amazing as they all are.

    Life IS Good
    Not in BFL challenge currently

  • Cory, I am glad you were able to take the steps and follow through.

    With all of the confusion with diets, nutrition, and work out programs, and people jumping to the newest fad - it is very difficult to isolate what will really bring lasting benefits.

    Also, too, having the support you need.

    We are glad you are here, and hope you follow through.

    Even if you get hit with some set backs - DO NOT QUIT!

    Just get back up, annualize what lead to falling short, then have a plan of attack for, or if, the situation should try to resurface.

    This is your Body-for-Life!

    - Terry

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • My story-

    I am a frequent visitor to the local library. So, one day I went to pick up some books and cds I had placed on hold. They were on the shelf right where they were supposed to be by the self checkout.. Turns out the library was having a book sale. I strolled through, found Body for Life and a few other interesting books. I get ready to head out only to realize I do not have a cent on me. Who brings cash to the library anyway? not me.  I put the other books back but something told me that if I put Body for Life back it would not be there by the time I ran home for money. Thus, I am ashamed to admit I slipped it in with the books and cds I had checked out and ultimately STOLE the BFL book from my very own library!!!! Turn out it was the best thing I have ever "lifted"!!

    I did make good with my library with $......but initially I stole my BFL book!!  LOL


  • Terry,

    Thank you for the encouragement - your story was so touching, you know it's gotta hit home when you are finishing the story with a kleenex in your hand.  Thank you for sharing it, you inspiried me to share mine.

    It is so cool to know that there are so many people out there whom you have never met yet who have such a connection to you - makes you just want to invite everyone over.

    Have a great evening Terry and thanks again for your truly amazing story, it truly is "onward and upward"  

    May you find strength for your success when you thought you had none left.

    Life IS Good
    Not in BFL challenge currently

  • Kat, that is hilarious.  I don't condone stealing from libraries, but in this case, perhaps you can donate a copy back or something?  Sounds like it was the right move and as long as you don't make it a habit... :-)

    My story is pretty simple.  I love deals, and I was browsing the $1 section of my bookstore, and there was body for life Champions along with micro-water mechanics and my pretty pony 1st grade reader... it was the only book worth buying and I was just fascinated looking at all the before and after pictures.  I bought it -- I'll buy almost anything for $1! -- and was 30 minutes late back to work from my break because I got so caught up in reading it!  (well, mostly looking at the pretty pictures and wondering if I could do it).

    I spent two weeks mulling it over and finally started on April 26.  ... looking forward to seeing what I look like on July 26!