Hitting a Plateau... help.

  • I am on my 2nd week (I thought it was my 3rd week!  I lose count!)  and have hit a plateau.  I took pictures every week and there was a major difference from the beginning to week 1.  From week 1 to week 2 there is very minimal difference.  I know it's only been 14 days, but - does this usually happen?  
    Now.... I have cheated SLIGHTLY nearly every day....  a chip here, a small bite from my daughter's cookie there... but I wouldn't think that with how hard I have been working and the 98% clean eating small slips would make a difference.  I mean, my diet and lifestyle have totally changed! You would think the pounds would fall right off.  I went from eating take out nearly every night and pizza every weekend to chicken, shrimp, rice and cottage cheese meals.  I went from thinking doing laundry and cleaning the house were a good work out to lifting weights and running every morning.  What is happening now?  

  • Woooooah there.

    You're not going to see a huge difference from week to week; if you focus on expecting that, you're going to rapidly end up in the 'this isn't working' mindset, and before you know it, you've quit.

    It's a 12 week programme, not a 3 week programme. I'm just about to finish week 8, and I've found myself thinking the way you are. The answer is just to forget looking for the quick fix, and carry on with the next week, or the next day, or the next workout, or even just the next set in the gym. It's a cinch by the inch, but it's hard by the yard....

    The change will come, just stick with it.

  • You're right, IronBrian.  I for some reason was thinking I would see as much of a change from the 1st to the 2nd week as I did from the beginning to the 1st week.  When it slowed down I thought I wasn't working hard enough and getting frustrated.   It just makes me sad to see very little difference.  But like the book says- I should only take pictures every 2 weeks and not weekly.  

  • I agree with Brian, stick with it.  But please remember that you can't outwork bad eating.  Even little cheats will keep you from seeing the results you want.  Free day is fine, but you need to be strict on the other 6 days.  You can do this!

  • You will get amazing results when you don't treat the program like a race to an end, but rather a constant slow-and-steady change to your life. Results usually come between week 10-14 (some people suddenly lose all the weight during the 14-day active rest following the 12 week challenge).

  • Don't forget that if you are building some muscle (are you getting your work outs in?), your body is going through some major changes. That's why it's also important to do a body fat measurement and take inch measurements. Just because you can't see whats happening inside of you doesn't mean a transformation is not going on. Have faith. You didn't get this way overnight. And don't give up. You didn't like the way you felt or looked three weeks ago, so you don't want to go back to that.

  • Good advice everyone!

  • I am holding off taking any after photos until my 10th week and I'm also holding off measuring myself until then..want it to be a "big" surprise for myself lol!  I have to say I have really felt a difference in myself since I started the Challenge..I've lost six pounds since June 10th, I sleep like a rock, and last night at my second job at Cracker Barrel, I was running around like a teenager, bouncing off the walls with soooo much energy! I guess it's a combination of sleeping through the night for a change and all the vitamins, water, quality food and Myoplex...I was like..what the heck is going on?  LOL!!

    Just don't beat yourself up about small slip-ups, everyone does it..just stick as closely as you can with the program and the results WILL come...everyone's body is different and changes come in phases..some weeks will be better than others..like a stock market chart..the line goes up and down..but as long as it's "trending" in the right direction....that's what we work for..improving...always...building my better body for Life!..

  • Angelpants~ Try not weighing yourself until the 10th week too---you'll free your mind even more!  Great progress so far.  

    I hope the original poster is sticking with it!

  • Greetings, Angelpants sounds like you are doing just great and need to continue, despite any minor ribbing you get from friends and coworkers ( I once got a ha when I suggested I wanted to get washboard abs and I am slowly but surely getting to that point...picture at the end of all of this in about two weeks or so).  Hang in there everyone!!!