My 12-Week Transformation with Pictures!

  • This was my bio from the first week of the challenge (Week of February 25th)

    This is my second go-round, first being back in fall of 2005.  I finished the challenge and had awesome results!  Since then I've just done my own thing as far as working out goes....took up tennis--MAJOR FAT BURNER, running, SELF Challenge, Jackie Warner Videos, Spinning, Etc.

    HOWEVER, I slowly let the weight creep back on the last couple years... Then I got pregnant.  At my heaviest weight ever.  And I'm not ashamed to say--well, maybe a little--that I *might* have pulled a Jessica Simpson....ha!  

    My daughter recently turned 4 months and is sleeping 10-12 consecutive hours through the night so it's high time I got back on a program.  Especially one like this; one that I know will yield results!  

    All in all, I've already lost 40-some pounds since my delivery.  I have about 25 more to go to my "happy weight".


    And my after bio (week of May 18th)

    The second go-round of my BFL journey was a lot of things.....Hard. Awesome. Stressful. Fulfilling. Motivating. Frustrating. Fabulous.  That awesome baby I mentioned in week 1?  Yeah, those sweet sleeping habits changed mid-challange and salted my game a bit!  :-)  My morning workouts changed to night workouts and some nights I didn't even sit down until I went to bed.  I had a business trip in week 8 that derailed me a bit, and a severe case of burnout in week 12 (the worst time ever!) that didn't leave me finishing as strong as I'd hoped.  But I did finish.  And my baby is now 7 months and she's still salting my game.  :-)  I have a feeling it will be that way for the next 18 years, and it's so awesome!  :-) I'm taking it easy this week and starting up a modified C2 next Monday.  

    A couple Stats (in normal people terms, mmk?)

    Pounds Lost:  10

    Inches Lost....

    Waist:  3in     Left Thigh:  2in     Right Thigh:  2in     Hips:  3in     

    And the after photos.....

    If you're just lurking to find more out about BFL I can only tell you to take the leap!  It's an amazing program and it works!!!!  If you're just starting the challenge my best advice to you is to find a thread you love AND CHECK IN DAILY!  I've been in the Cottage Cheese Club since week 1 of my challenge and checked in almost every business day.  I've made amazing friends and it kept me going when I wanted to say screw it!  Hold yourself accountable.  You can do this!  :-)

  • WAY TO GO GINA!!!  OUTSTANDING RESULTS!!!  You've got abs and your whole body looks tighter and more toned.

  • CHILLS, I have the CHILLS!! You killed it and LOOK AAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZING!! NICE job putting in the work, holding yourself accountable, and kicking major DON-KEE!!!! You = pure awesomeness. YEAH SISTAH!!!

  • GINA!!!!  Your commentary says it all.  Loved seeing your transformation, and experiencing it with you!

  • So proud of you!  Love the pics and keep up the amazing work.  You have come soo soo far and look outstanding. You are also an integral part of many others BFL journeys.  Thank YOU!

  • Thank you for sharing your BFL journey and success with us!  You look amazing!  So glad to witness your transformation!

  • Great job!  You overcame the challenges within the challenge and did great!  Way to go!

  • Way to go!!!!! We started the same week, and I always find your posts entertaining when I check out what's up on the CCclub! Man I hope I can get results like yours eventually, very inspiring.

  • Wow, you killed it!!!  Good for you and congrats!!

  • Great results,  your efforts and determination show in your smile and photo results as well as your stats. Bravo and way to go gal.  Your are an inspiration to all of us here on the site.  Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • You guys are all the best!!!  Thanks for the love!  It was hard but so worth it!  :-)

  • Your hard work is paying off! You look amazing! Keep it up!

  • That brill!!! Great obvious results there!

    Can ask, when did you start to lose weight/inches?

    Im on week 5 and have had no pound loss or inch loss! My arms are definately more defined,but everywhere else-im having difficulty seeing any change!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''