Anyone get their "after" pictures done by a professional?

  • I'm a glamour photographer, we do womens hair & makeup and dress them up and I take mostly head & shoulder shots.

    I would love to learn how to professionally take after shots! I was wondering if the photographers instructed people how to pose to flex their muscles  because I would not have a clue, but I would love to learn. And, do they oil people up? There seems to be a lot to learn here and I don't quite know where to go to learn! Are there photographers who specialize in that kind of photography or they do it on the side? I'm not talking big time photographers that work for magazines, just everyday real people photographers.

    Any info?

    Also do all men get rid of their hair? Wax or shave? I asked my hubby if he was going to get rid of his hairy chest and he said no, but it seems like all after pictures of men are hairless!?!? Just wondering...

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    Dee :)

  • Mine were done by a "hobbyist" photographer.  I will say that anyone planning to use a professional must get comfy posing in front of a mirror because it's much harder than you might think.  

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  • Deirdre-

    I have heard some pretty interesting stories of people being sprayed with cooking spray like Pam to make their muscles look more... obvious, and insta-tan for a healthier looking glow.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Really!!!!!! Wow!!!! I can't imagine spraying Pam on people!

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  • I'm having mine done by a professional. I got a groupon for a 30 minutes sitting and 3 prints for $49. I'll let you know.

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  • Thanks! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    I read your profile and I too am starting again 10 years later!

    I need to lose about 38+ lbs! I can't believe it either, I was thin most my life but the sad thing was I always thought I was heavy, I never appreciated being thin when I was thin! I will appreciate it when I get there this time!!!

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  • I found these tips by googling.

    Techniques for Taking Body-Building Pictures

    Whether you are male or female, the following techniques will assure that your photographs show you in your best form:

    Preparation and Posing

    Muscles can be seen better if body hair is removed by trimming with electric clippers or by shaving.

    Take the picture before eating so that the stomach is not distended from food.

    A short workout before taking the picture will bring more blood into the muscles and increase their volume.

    Apply a light coating of baby oil or cooking oil to the arms, torso, and legs to create highlights that emphasize the curvature of the muscles.

    Keep your back straight or arch slightly backwards to stretch out the stomach and display a trimmer figure.

    Suck in your stomach, inhale deeply, and tense the muscles of the arms, chest, stomach, and legs to make them bulkier when the picture is taken.

    Smile to make it all look effortless.    :-)

    Camera and lighting

    Put the camera on a tripod or steady surface to avoid blurry pictures.

    Strong lighting from the top will create shadows on the bottom portions of the muscles and produce better contrast.

    Don't use front flash because it will wash out the shadows.

    It may take several tries to get a satisfactory pose and lighting conditions, specially if you are using a self-timer and have to hurry to pose after clicking the shutter.

  • Thank you so much JamesK!

    At this time I do glamour photography for 20+ people on location only. We built an addition on our house that will include a bigger office and my very own studio. We are doing the work ourselves and just finished electrical & plumbing now on to sheetrock! We only have weekends and evenings when "life" does not interrupt.

    So, when my studio is finished I will add this kind of photography to my services! Gives me plenty of time to learn all I can! And when my husband finishes his 12 week transformation (We are soon starting week 4) I can practice on him!

    Thanks again!

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    Dee :)