LiL Caity's 12-week Challenge Complete (with pictures, of course)

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    Alright well I have successfully completed 12 weeks of Body-for-Life and I feel awesome!!!!! The picture of me on the bike is from today, the one where I am wearing jeans is 2 weeks before my challenge end. I feel like I would like to be looking a little better, to be honest, but to be fair to myself I did start out with an awful lot of body fat. I haven't taken pictures in my underwear yet, I just feel a little embarrassed. I'm just being real. I still am extremely happy with how far I have come in only 12 weeks.

    I lost about 30 pounds of scale weight and have built major muscle and strength. (doing curls with 10lbs was my max, now I can do 20lbs). My cholesterol went from 235 to below 155. My health problems: constant indigestion, fatigue, stress, overall pain and soreness all the time, have cleared up. I still have lower back pain/sciattica issues sometimes but I can live with that. I did my absolute best and that has me feeling better than anything. I am ready for challenge 2 so I can really see what I am capable of!!

    Thank you all so much for being a part of my success. I posted picture updates frequently, even though it might seem vain, I just really really appreciated the nice compliments. It kept me going from week to week without cheating on my diet or missing workouts. It wasn't easy to start out at close to 250 pounds, so I seriously am thankful for the support because I don't know how I could have done so well otherwise. I love to give that support back to others, so anyone feel free to friend me or send me messages if you want!


    Can't wait to see what changes C2 will bring!  Also......  I love the ET in the basket!!  LOL

  • Thank you Justin! Yeah I love me some ET, that's my phone home dawg right there.

  • Wow,  Way to Go LIL Caity,  You should be very proud of your results and accomplishments with this Challenge.  Aren't you glad you hung in there and didn't give it up?   Your photos, and smile say a lot to all of us following ya. Congrats!! and Keep MOving Forward gal!!!

  • Great job! The fact you finished the twelve weeks is such a huge accomplishmnet,( I hope I can) as well as your results. Great effort!

  • Great job, LiL Caity!!  You have made great progress!!  Awesome results!   Thank you for sharing your success with us and you just keep posting your updates! You are inspiring to us all!  Love the bike!

  • WOW!  If you did THIS good in one challenge- imagine what you can do in your second challenge!  You are amazing!  

  • Lil Caity, You can give yourself a huge pat on the back! YOU did this!!! It is what we all are striving to do. Absolutely, excellent work! Congratulations.

  • Wow, this is terrific. Hi, I am new hear, so you have inspired me!  Doing challenge 2?

  • I just started this Monday and you are a total inspiration!  You look great!!!!!  I think the hardest part so far was my husband taking the "before" pictures!  This is WHY we're doing this!!!  Go Lil Caity!

  • Wow, you look amazing!!  You should be super proud of yourself.

  • Thank so much for the nice comments!

    Welcome Juanita, and yes I am doing another challenge. I am starting on Monday 5/27. I hope to make even better progress, but also want this to be a habit I keep for years to come.

  • I don't care what you say, I think you knocked it out of the park.  I was in the same boat as you, first challenge, lost 30 pounds, it's a start towards being awesome.  Can't wait to see how you go during your second Challenge, I bet you'll start seeing CRAZY progress in the gym, I guarantee it!  


  • That means a lot, Brez! I thought of your transformation often as it was/is very inspiring to me.

  • OMG Caity!!!!  I almost cried when I looked at your pics.  You are AMAZING and you're going to do amazing things!  I'm so proud of you  ::sniff::