The scale....

  • I am seeing results... but the number on the scale keeps climbing.  Especially after doing weights.  When will the numbers on the scale show my weight loss?  I'm just curious how and when this works...  

  • Congrats! on the results you are seeing!

    Throw the scale away! In the early going you might not see a significant fluctuation in weight. You say you are seeing results then maybe keep doing what you are doing, follow the Body-for-Life book to a "T" and go by inches as a measurement rather than pounds. Don't get discouraged it takes a little while and we all know YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

    If you were 125lbs and fit with lean muscle, a big smile on your face, standing tall and feeling like a million bucks or 105lbs, out of shape with no muscle tone and maybe not feeling your best, do you think anyone would think the heaver you was over weight or there was a weight issue? Bet not...

    Keep working toward your goals, stick with the meal plans and don't reinvent the wheel. In a few short weeks you are going to be amazed by your journey.

    Cheers! and work hard.


  • Thank You Houllgan!

    I am really trying to get this challenge right!  It is so hard to follow the book to a "T".

    I'm just curious how the scale works though.... I see people on the success stories who have lost 20+ pounds- when did the pounds start to show on the scale? Is it after the initial third month?   I'm just confused about it I guess...

  • People's metabolism rates are different as is their percentages of "water weight", weight from fat, etc.  My husband can just cut out soda and drop eight pounds.  I on the other hand work for every calorie lost.  My scale hasn't budged and I really thought it would have by now.  BUT, I have to remember that my metabolism is sooooo slooooow and I will likely only lose 1-2 lbs per month.  I am only going to weigh in every 4th week.  I don't have "a lot" of weight to lose AND it's hard for me in the first place.  

    The scale is a confusing beast.  Steer clear of it as much as you can and just stay the course!  You will see results eventually.

  • Francis Mom is right, its different for everyone. You are looking for something that can only be answered by your dedication, hard work, patients and goals you set for yourself.

    I would suggest looking at inches, weight means nothing at this point. You will see the results later if you stick to the plan. Just keep up the great work you are doing. Look at your portions, concentrate on your form, speed and pauses in your workouts. Be sure to reach those 10's in both weight training and your cardio.

    This isn't an easy thing to do and we ALL know its hard to follow the book to a T, at first that is. I am at week six and just now getting the hang of it. If you don't reach your goals by week 12 continue on until you do. This is a life change not a quick fix, so are you in for a Body-for-Life?

    Like I said before, throw that scale away... Its going to hold you back.