• I'm holding out on posting my before and after pictures until June 8th (Day 84), I can tell you, day one photos and day 60 photos tell a whole lot! I've lost about 16lbs, gained muscle, and look strong. I ran a 10k trail scramble on Sat and these are my results...

    799 total finishers - I came in at 184

    335 were women - my gender finish place was 38

    Age 20-29 Female there were 111 - I came in 10th

    My pace was 8.33min mile - through mud, river, rain, and falling twice, I kicked ASS! I'm so happy!   


  • Right on! You da WO MAN!!!!

    Great JOB!!!

  • IntrinsicMotivation, You rock!! I am so impressed.  

  • Fantastic finishing results Intrinsic and I can see you are doing quite well in all your pursuits!!!

  • Great job!  Keep going, the sky is the limit!