Week 3 results...with photos

  • Okay, we are three weeks in. One of us has shown tremendous progress, the other not so much. But, we both know that this is healthier than what we were doing before. So we will keep going strong! In the first three weeks, one of us lost 7 inches, the other just over 1. We've lost a total of 13 pounds combined, and we are LOVING doing this together! It's so nice to see the ripple effect of our family and friends eating healthier. Anyway, here our pictures, for better or worse!

    WEEK 1                                                                                WEEK 3

    WEEK 1                                                                              WEEK 3

    Thanks for checking out our post, we will post again in 3 weeks!

    -Wicked Awesome Sisters!!

  • You guys look great!!  I can really tell a difference in the stomach areas and upper back areas- and to see progress so quickly is amazing!  You guys must be working so hard!  Keep going!  

  • Greetings,  Great work and way to go attitude as well. Hang in there and the results later in the challenge will also surprise you. Keep Moving Forward wicked awesome sisters!!

  • Fantastic! You can really see progress from the side views. Keep going and giving us updates, I love seeing you fun gals on here!

  • Keep up the good work Sisters.