Halfway there but could use some advice!

  • I am in week 6 and have definitely seen results.  However, I am getting concerned that I won't get the full results that I am working for.  I am following the program very closely.  I've only missed one workout and I'm doing well with the eating.  My main concern area is my core.  I'm worried that I'm not doing enough ab exercises on the program.  I am a mother of four children - my youngest is one year old and the pregnancy really did a number on my abs!  I've been reading about the previous champions and it sounds like some of them did additional workouts, which I do not.  I follow the program as I don't have much time for extra workouts.  Do you think Extra workouts are a must?

    Additionally, I am not taking supplements.  I take a multi-vitamin, but that is all. I am a runner and an athlete, so I have no problem completing the workouts, but I must  admit that I don't drink enough water (is it really a big deal?!).  I do change my workouts daily and they are a real challenge.  

    Any thoughts are appreciated! :)


  • Hi Michele!

    I have currently completed 12 weeks (doing my first challenge for 16 weeks) and I have to say that the next 6 weeks do a lot as far as change goes! Though everyone experiences results in different ways, that has been the case for me!

    I would say that extra workouts aren't necessary, just make sure to make your workouts count! Get to that 9 and 10 if you can!

    I would also say that water is a big deal! Water weight is a contributor to weight, so make sure to get at least 2 liters in! I know, you'll have to pee a lot, but really, drinking a lot of water feels REALLY AWESOME! It even cleared up my eczema :)

    Good job on changing your workouts up! I believe you can get the results you want, stay motivated!! :)