Week 12 Updates: With Photos!

  • I am doing this program for 16 weeks (as recommended by my doctor) but I wanted to post my Week 12 results with photos thus far...

    I HAVE LOST 20 POUNDS!!!! :) :) :)

    Initial weight: 193 lbs

    Week 12 Weight: 173 lbs!!!

    This was my initial goal for the 16 weeks, which means I met it early, woot woot! This last month I lost 5.5 pounds, and weirdly enough before hand (especially the night before) I got so down on myself, convinced I hadn't made it, that I hadn't worked hard enough (for whatever reason). But I was wrong, and I know now that deep inside I DID THIS, I MADE IT HAPPEN! Plus, I got a new haircut, and my confidence is soaring :)

    Talking with my boyfriend, one of the things he said impressed him the most was not all the weight I have lost, but more of my perseverance and dedication, even when at the beginning of the program I cried and fretted, knowing it wouldn't work. BUT IT DOES WORK! I'm feeling very motivated for this last month!


  • Way to go Maemouse!! You look great!  Your waist is tiny and you can see your ab definition coming in nicely.  Congratulations on making your goal ..ahead of time! That IS a big deal.  Your boyfriend is right. The most impressive part of your transformation takes place inside you.  Yes, you have persevered and your pictures leave no doubt.  You are a great inspiration! Can't wait to see you rock it these last 4 weeks. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!  Like your haicut and you brought back the socks!!!

  • Oh my gosh! You are so tiny! Way to go, I am so happy that you are pleased with your success. You have done so well with a lot on your plate, so congratulations!

    I am glad I saw your post today!

  • Congrats! You look great! Keep up the hard work, it is paying off.

  • Wow, You are doing great and keep moving forward with your good results and efforts and determination. Way to GO!!! Your smile and photos show wonderful progress!!

  • Great work!  Are you going to do another challenge?

  • Wow AMAZING!!!!! I can really see a big difference!!!!! dont give up after 16 week.......keep it as a way of life and you will become a Model :)

  • Thank you everyone! You're all so motivating! :)

    Yes, I do plan on doing another challenge! a few days after the end of the challenge I'm moving across the country, so I'll take that time and the settling in as a break, and then soon I'll begin my second challenge with my boyfriend!  :)

    Any tips for my last month, or tips for the in-between time? Obviously with the driving across country and moving in I won't be eating ideally, and of course I wouldn't expect myself too.

  • Great work Mae Mouse, looking good. Enjoy those last 4 weeks.

  • It's so great that you succeeded! You give everyone inspiration! Well done!

  • You are a great inspiration! Congratulations!!!

  • VERY inspirational to us! Thanks for the post!

  • That is great!  Keep up the hard work and you won''t even recognize yourself!!!!


  • Good job chic, I'm very imspired by your look.  I'm getting ready to do my first challenge and I'm very excited. Thanks for sharing

  • Awesome work!