Week 6 and weighing more!

  • Hi all

    I'm in week 6 of my transformation, but after an initial drop of around 10lbs, I actually weigh 3/4lbs more this week than last week! I haven't missed a training session, I've had my 6 small clean meals a day. The one thing I've not done by the book is have my 'bad' day, but I have allowed myself one or two meals a week which border on the unhealthy.

    I'm not actually sure of my body fat % when I started, but my wife tells me I've 'lost weight'. I can't believe I've built more muscle than I've lost fat, so Tuesday night I went for a 5k easy run and was going to do that in the evenings on my weights days.

    Any thoughts?

  • Just to be clear, are you saying you gained three fourths of a pound or three to four pounds? Yesterday I was at the doctor and I saw my weight was 227. Today I was at the gym and my friend was there with me and I stepped on the scale to show her my weight loss and it said 225. In the time in between, let's jus say I was overdue to drop the kids off at the pool....and there were a lot of kids. LoL sorry! But that kind of stuff can impact what the scale says. If its a pound or two, I wouldn't be too worried. But 4 pounds gained in a week... I would write down absolutely everything I eat (soda and coffee with sugar/cream too) and what time I ate, and then ask for an opinion on it.

  • Hi Caity, I mean 3 or 4 lbs roughly. No, I wasn't due to drop the kids off ;o). I'm rigorous with watching what I eat, having done Weight Watchers in the past. No crafty sodas, sugar, etc. I drink water and black coffee only, and once a week, allow myself a few beers or glasses of wine. I guess I'll see how it pans out over the next couple of weeks; I know enough to know that the scales can sometimes do funny things, and as I say, my wife thinks I've lost fat. I'll post some pics, maybe at week 8....

  • That makes me think of this picture I saw in OnFitness magazine. Sometimes the scale can be like that when you are gaining muscle!

  • Brian -

    What your talking about is the story of my life, literally.  People who haven't seen me in a while say "oh my god, how much weight have you lost?"  I always tell them the total from when I started until the day they ask.  That number right now is about 80.  However, it should be more like 120 due to the yo-yo ing that I swear happens to me.  Two weeks ago I went on a business trip, when I got home, scale said I gained 9 pounds.  This week I'm back to before those 9 pounds plus a little more lost.  There is no rhyme or reason, the body is weird.  I weigh daily (yes yes..I know people), however I only document and truly put credibility in my start and finish of a program, otherwise your not seeing the big picture.  If your wife says you've lost weight/fat, then you have.



  • Thanks Caity; I'm a little way off the right hand pic yet, but working on it!

  • Thanks Texas Brez. I've just finished week 6 and looking forward to the next 6.