Anyone train for half marathon

  • Hi, I've been on BFL for 2 years now.I know that 20 min HIIT cardio is the recommendation but I decided to sign up for a half marathon for next year. Anyone follow BFL and train for long races? I'm just wondering if there are people who have been successful in their results and also incorporating long runs? Thx!

  • Checkout Hal Higdeon's website for great half-marathon training schedules.

    I think he generally calls for 2-3 days of strength training as well.  I'd use the BFL strength training regime as my guide for the lifting days, and the Hal's running program for my running days.  

    One big note is that you probably need to count your calories, at least to some degree to make sure you're getting enough fuel.  That running program, especially in the later weeks is going to require a lot of fuel.  You'll probably need more calories than the 6 carbs, 6 proteins that BFL recommends.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi--I'm doing the Army 10 Miler in the fall (Washington, DC).  My plan is to pretty much stick to BFL program but cut out one of the HIIT runs and exchange it for a long run on Saturday or Sunday.  I'm keeping with the weight training for sure.  I may tweak some as I get closer to the fall--maybe do 3 miles at a steady pace on one day, HIIT on another, and then a long run.  Does that make sense?

  • I started running about a year ago and substitute it for all of my HIIT sessions.  I have a 10K next month, duathlon in July, and will then begin looking to train for a 13.1.  I personally get better results from long and slow runs than I do the HIIT sessions.  Everybody is different, but I doubt it will "hurt" your desired results from the program if you substitute.