Progress from day one to week 9, front and back

  • I put this picture together to show how my body has changed from doing the program and giving it my best! You can click on it to see it bigger.

    I have kept records of everything I have eaten and everything I have done in the gym since day one. I am almost done with week 10. I think I would like to wait until week 12 to post pictures again. I know people like to look at the progress pictures of everybody, so I hope this helps give you motivation! I have never worn a bikini before. I croche'd myself this top to wear in my final pics, and it is already too big! Good thing I didn't go out and buy one :-D And I dyed my hair so it looks nice. I kind of let it go for a while lol

  • well done!!! Cant wait to get to week 9 bet you feel brill!! :-D

  • You are making great progress. Thanks for posting, it is very inspiring :)

  • Great progress LiL Caity!!  Making the Gladiators proud!!  Next two weeks are gonna be great!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • AWESOME!!!!  You have to be so very proud of what you have accomplished C1 :-)

  • You're doing such an awesome awesome job!!! ah you inspire me all over again, you're doing great!

  • Way to GO Great progress LilCaity,  We are all very proud of your results.  Hang in there and you will be glad you finished this challenge for many reasons. Keep Moving Forward gal!!!!

  • Amazing!!

  • Thanks so much everybody! Today is day one of week 12 for me. I don't know how I would have done this well without the support of you all <3

  • Greetings Lil Caity and from all of us out here who support ya,  THANKS for your kind comments and we all hope everything goes your way on this last week of your challenge!!! WAY TO GO GAL!!!almost there!!! keep moving forward!!

  • Good luck in your last week!  Push hard; I know you'll do great!

  • Looking forward to the last set of pics!