"The Iron" - Henry Rollins, Worth the 5 mins to read

  • http://www.oldtimestrongman.com/strength-articles/iron-henry-rollins

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  • Thank you for sharing, this was fantastic.  Had a pretty rough week, the one thing I didn't miss, any of my appointments with the iron :-)

  • Texas Brez : You are welcome. Your transformation is amazing.  Congratulations on your success, thus far.  Henry Rollins is kind of an inspiring guy.  If you are into any kind of harder music :) , he has some great stuff to lift too.. if that is your thing of course.  It is,needless to say, mine.

  • Get in the Van.....great book from my youth.

    Great essay, thanx for sharing.

  • Wow that is intense and so true thanks for posting!

  • Everyone is welcome.  ChefMax, you must be close to my age :)

  • I'll be 41 in July....Love me some Henry.

  • 40 here, in December.  I am a huge Henry fan.  Poor guy :)  I am hoping I can make it to his next spoken word tour and I need to pick up his new book .  Ah, Hank can make a girl swoon without even trying.

  • He has a story about euthanizing rats in a lab that is priceless, if you can find it.