Week one: thoughts

  • I tend to do things better if I just do them, so I didn't really plan my challenge. I just went to the gym and joined one night, then went to the store and bought some food and supplements and started the next morning ( Ive done the program before so I already sort of knew what  I was in for/needed to do). So I just got up in the morning and started my challenge. The first few workouts were tough, Im not gonna lie. I had to bargain with myself to get out of bed and go workout. But I did it, and I am glad I did. I already notice small differences in my body. In fairness, I am quite a bit overweight so its not surprising. But I do look firmer, and my face looks a bit thinner, even coworkers commented on this. At any rate, there wasnt a huge change in measurements, but according to the scale I did lose 5lbs. It may just be water weight, but its nice to see some sort of change from my efforts. They might be small but they are the motivation I need to keep going. Not sure if anyone really reads these, or cares. But I want to have somewhere to put this, and to hold my self accountable so I dont just excuse away missed workouts and meals. 

  • Greetings dasllama,  Just to let you know that many of us have read this and want to encourage you to continue your valiant efforts with determination and your goals in mind. Like I have said many times, those around you will at first ask you..."Why are you doing this?" but will later ask you (as your become more sucessful and results show more)..."How did you do this?"  keep that in mind for later. In the meantime I think your progress is admireable and should be commended, keep up the good work and Keep MOving Forward!!!

  • Love hearing about your success, good for you and please keep us in the loop!!!

  • I have 2 weeks left and I have to tell you...it is SO worth the effort...I have about 6 pounds left to go, but I feel so much better already being in shape and having clothes fit well and not being selfconscious about my gut...

    Keep it up!! You will be PSYCHED that you did, I promise.

  • We are celebrating your success with you! My first week was awesome. I saw results like you said, and I also started out really big. I didn't plan ahed for weeks, I decided within one weekend that I was just going to do it. I printed out a journal though because it is my first time and I couldn't keep track otherwise. The encouragement we get right away as big people really helps, and it may slow down towards the end but by then you will feel so good inside that people will start commenting on how happy you are instead of how good you look. I am really glad you posted this! It reminds me of how I felt when I started. 5lbs didn't seem like a lot to me back then either. But when I posted my 1st week's progress, people were like "omg that is awesome!!". It takes me forever to lose 5lbs now!

    Now I am starting week 10. I wish I could just give away the way I feel because it is so good. But all I can do is tell you that the effort is SO worth it, and there are people here wo want to see you achieve your goals and are happy for even the smallest accomplishments you make. The reward is not so great without the struggle, so if you have a hard time just tell yourself you will feel that much better for getting through it.

  • Thank you all :) Its nice to hear the encouragement. I happened to have started the end of this at the end of my semester so its tough to get it all in everyday, but worth it because its definitely helping my stress levels. I cant wait to see changes in my abilities too. As in, needing to push further for the 10's rather than just hitting them because Im that out of shape :p Again, thanks for all the words of encouragement.  I will keep ya posted.