Challenge 1 Complete w/ photos - Bring on C2!

  • Congrats! This is so inspiring! Thank you and good luck on your next challenge!

  • Thanks Bart and maemouse882.

    Bart, I'm 49 years old,  think it is 46 and over catagory.  It would be nice, but there's so many impressive transformations out there with stories probably far more impacting than my own.  I had allowed myself to get overweight the past few years and given the family history of diabetes and heart disease, needed to turn it around.  I did not have any real medical issues to overcome, just a propensity to eat more than I should.

    Maemouse - how's your challenge going.  Your last photos were very impressive ....even without the socks.  If I remember correctly, you are doing a 16 week challenge.  Looking forward to seeing your final results and pics!

  • awesome! this is so inspiring! way to go!

  • Dad loving the look aka Maximus right? haha anyways its about time I get a bit more excited and involved so I can look even better :)

  • Thanks buddy!  Glad you are coming home for the summer.  We will definitely have you looking like Maximus.

  • David- I thought I had posted on this before, but I don't see that I did.  Excellent work!  Can't see what you can accomplish by the end of C2!!

  • Amazing results David...a real inspiration to me a new starter (29 July)

  • awesome job!!! super inspiring :)