Challenge 1 Complete w/ photos - Bring on C2!

  • Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support - especially my Team Gladiator family! 

    Completed my first 12 week challenge. I am pleased with results so far but in no way am I satisfied.

    There is still some work to do so I cannot wait to get going on C2!

    My results:      Week 0      Week 12

    Weight:                212              194    (lost 18 lbs)

    BF%:                     24%            18%  (-6%)

    Chest:                   44 1/2          43

    Abd                       39 1/2         35 1/2

    Biceps          R16/L 15 1/4     R16/L15 3/4  (gained 1/2 on left and none on left - interesting)

    Thigh:                24                23

    Calves:              15 1/2           16
















  • Damn!  Congrats on the progress.  You're arms look sickening (that is a compliment of the highest order, look it up on urban dictionary).  

    What do you plan to do for Challenge two that you didn't do for challenge one?  I got down to 5 percent body fat after my first challenge.  Want to compare some notes and see what info we could gleam from each other?

  • Thanks, James.  5%?!!  Man, that is sickening (compliment of the highest order)  I hope to get down below 10%, but it may take at least another challenge two.  

    My goals for C2 are more performance oriented and hopefully the weight and BF% will take care of themselves.  I would like to break 300 on bench and get squats up to 350.  On the cardio side, I want to break 23 in 5k, 50 in 10k and swim 1500 yds under 25 minutes.  Most of all, I want to get cleaner on the diet.  I was not bad in any sense, but I know I could have eaten better.

    Certainly like to know how you got your bf into single digits.  I just hope to get close.

  • Wow DavidF41, that amazing!  Motivational...and amazing.  I'm just starting Week 3 of my first challenge and love seeing success stories like yours that help keep me going.  Thanks for sharing.  Hope C2 treats you as well as C1 seems to have!

  • Way to Go DavidF41,   Some truly outstanding results and of course your smile says a lot too about your achievements.  Your stats are also impressive and inspiring.  Hope you will continue and enter the contest as well this year. Best of luck in the future and Keep Moving Forward!!!


    Looks like your photo shoot was a success to say the least. Your dedication and discipline certainly paid off. You got really cut these past few weeks. Bet your wife is real proud of you too! Any chance she will join you for the next challenge? I look forward to seeing your progress C2 as Team Gladiators picks up the gauntlet for the next round. Btw, I will be posting some recipes I use  for "roasting veggies" in our new thread. Their simple, healthy and delicious. I really enjoy them and they keep me eating "clean". I'm so use to eating clean now, I rarely even indulge in a "cheat" meal anymore. Enjoy the rest of the week and get ready for even more amazing progress to follow now that you're "week 13 and Beyond"!  


  • look amazing! So glad I journeyed with you. Can't wait for c2. Any tips that worked well for you that I could be missing? We have such an awesome bfl family and with all of you I think we will all make it to our goals. Great job bud. Soooooo proud of you

  • David! WOW! Your pictures look awesome! Aside from the physical progress, you look younger and so much happier than in your before photos! Can't wait to start C2 with you and see what happens over the next 12 weeks! Congrats on your far!!!


  • Thanks guys!  You have made my day!

    S96766 - thanks, the success stories of others really kept me going b/c it took awhile to see results.  For me, it really started happening after week 9.  Congrats on your progress so far,  Hope you have a very successful challenge.

    WPBill - thank you!  I see you all over the place.  You are one of the most encouraging people around.  You guys are why I really love the BFL Community!  Just submitted my packet online today.  Feels great to accomplish my first challenge and I'm looking forward to starting C2 next week.

    Michelle- thank you. I still can't believe I did it, but I'm glad I did it.  The photographer did my son and daughter-in-law's wedding and she's only 25.  She's had her business for about 3 years since graduating and she's doing great!  Have to admit, I was nervous about posing in front of a female other than my wife, but she made it fun. My wife loved the surprise.  Still working on her joining me for C2.  Looking forward to seeing your recipes on roasting veggies.  Anything to help eating clean is great.  Your discipline to eating clean is going to serve you well in C2 challenge.  You geared on and ready?!!

    Flobee- thank you and it has been a pleasure journeying with you and looking forward to continuing so in C2!  As for tips, I don't know if any one thing made difference.  My progress was slow to steady, but seemed to gather momentum in the last 3 weeks which goes to show you how important it is to keep going.  I did some extra cardio by swimming on weekends and really tried to hit my 10s,  We definitely have an awesome BFL family and I'm glad we're a part of it! Can't wait for C2 to start and we will make our goals!

    Amy - thank you, it has been great ride.  Thanks for the compliment!  I'll take as many years off as I can.  I am much happier and certainly have a lot more energy.   Have really enjoyed hearing my 19 year old son tell me I had a "V" back and gettin swole!    This 49 year old will take it!  By the way, that is a great picture of you!  You are very photogenic!  Agree - looking forward to C2 with you and seeing accomplish your goals.


  • Maximus - homina homina homina LOL ;)

    Yeeeeaaahhhh Boyee!!! Thats what I'm talking about ;) I'm gettin my Prof pics done tonight and OMG it makes such a huge difference! YOU look absolutely insane amazing - I'm am sooo excited for you!!! Feels so good to exist in a body that we are proud to "live in". We can NEVER move out, so we better take care of the one we got; what an Inspiration you have been to us ALL and Team Gladiators would NOT be the same without YOU!!! Love you tons and lets shred it in C2!!!

    xoxo Kat aka Hollywood

  • WOW, David, innnnnnnncredible job! If this was only your first challenge, I can't wait to see what you do in your C2! And I'd suspect your 19 year old son will be getting asked "who is your older brother?" if he isn't already :) Major props - you look fantastic - I bet your wife and family are so so SO proud of you. Keep up the great job and inspiring us all!!

  • Here come the compliments so brace yourself...

    Wow David - WOW!!!!  What an amazing transformation and OMG - the difference that the professional photographer made is stunning.  The pics you posted on our thread were awesome but pale in comparison to these.  I imagine that "posing" for a "young thang" was initially uncomfortable but she rocked it.  I think it goes without saying but you obviously did too!  You should be strutting around shirtless every possible opportunity this summer.  Great definition in your legs as well.     Your boy is right - he now needs to step up his game :-)  I have no doubt that you will be standing in that Champion Circle when they make announcements early next year.

    Thanks for an fantabulous C1 and I'm counting the days until we kick off C2.  Look out 6 pack, here comes David.  Go Gladiators!


  • Congratulations!  You look amazing!  Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are inspiring.

  • Thank you, Sharon.  I am blown over.  You are too kind!  I do agree, a good photographer makes all the difference, both in quality and making you feel at ease during the process.  Like you, I'm counting the days to C2.  Staying active. Only taken a few days off. My son saw pics yesterday and I think he liked them. He is finishing up his spring semester and said he was hit and miss on the workouts.  Don't think I could have done this in school - to many temptations.  Hard enough at my own house. Again, you are most kind.  I did get my packet submitted online yesterday.  Who knows what and how judges decide. Any one that is picked is well deserving.  Regardless of the outcome, I feel great.  The best part is getting to know each of much as you can through this forum.  You bring so much to the group, Sharon and I appreciate your wisdom, insight and strength.  We all are champions!


  • Nice job David!  I think I am going to have to step it up in the kitchen for c2.  Thanks for the motivation!  I just hope we are in different age categoriess for the challenge lol.  Congratulations on the great results.