Hitting a wall - Week 7

  • Today I start my 7th week.  I have had success in the program losing 27 lbs and my shape is no longer oblong. However the last 1 1/2 weeks it does not seem like my body is responding as well as it did. I am pushing myself to the 10's as well as following the nutrition food list.  Any suggestions on how to kick start things up again? 

  • I don't but congrats on 27 lbs!!!


  • Thank you.

  • Congrats on your 27lbs lost and gain of muscle (don't forget the muscle part).  Perhaps some slight changes in exercises(order or intensity) would confuse your muscles and result in additional losses and gains. Be sure to watch the sodium contents of foods you eat as well as sugar(if any) levels and be sure to drink the water to flush out the system so to speak. Hope this helps out. Perhaps limiting your Free day to just one special meal will help as well. Keep Moving Forward!

  • Thank you and Thank you for the advice.  My free day is what normally hurts me the most so will try this weekend to limit my intake of special meals.  The last two days I have been drinking lots and lots of water and I already feel different in a good way.  Thank you again for the advice and will keep you all updated.