I'm not smarter than Bill Phillips: A Realisation

  • I have come to this conclusion this weekend.  EVERY single time I decide to go "off plan" or "take a break" or "improve the plan" I fail.

    When I commit to it, 24/7 I do well, I do well for 6 weeks or so, and then there will be a holiday and I will turn that into a week off, or I will read an article about cutting carbs and give that a go run out of energy, give up.  

    Maybe I will try a new set of exercises...hurt self, give up.

    Thinking back, this is why I failed out the last couple of times I tried as well.  Oh I might blame it on depression, on work, on temptation but I have done it and it can be done, I just have to stop pretending my super smart, clever, hardcore weight loss plan will work...cos it doesn't

    So the key things I need to remember for next 12 weeks

    1. Cook and prep food - so much cheaper and healthier and less temptation from cafe
    2. Gym as soon as I get home from work on a weekday and early on weekends - gets it out of the way 
    3. Log here everyday, I found this really kept me honest last time, and when I went off "log" I went off plan as well
    See you all tomorrow!
  • Way to Go MrCynical,  It is best to stick with the program and follow the guidelines to the very best of your abilities and behond. Best wishes to you and I am sure you will make it the whole way this time around.  I am trying several early days on weekdays and that is a new experience for me, but find it quite different from after work workouts. Both have their advantages and disadvantges over each other. Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Be proud of yourself for the honest look at your actions and experience! I know it helped me to cross the abyss when I admitted but also believed that my "shortcuts" would never get me where I want to be.

    Even though 12 weeks is a short period of time, it can feel very long when hard work doesn't show up on our bodies right away. But I think of this metaphor and it does help me: fad diets are like a stage set for movies or a play. It looks good enough to fool an audience, but there is nothing functional or structurally sound. Programs like Body-for-Life are like the Empire State building.

    Its not that Bill Phillips was some kind of extraordinary genius, he just knew a LOT about body building because he dedicated his life to it. He was a professional. And he wanted to find a way to maintain his body as efficient as possible because he was also an entrepreneur, and time is money. He has access to the money, time, and scientific researchers it would take to construct a sound program. I keep in mind that there are other programs out there, but are they credible? Who came up with them? Do I know anyone living those programs who has a body and attitude about life that I would want for myself?

    I like science, I like facts. And the more I learn about this BFL thing, the more I believe in it. It really helps me stick to it and not be drawn away like a moth to a light when someone is advertising "lose 50 pounds from taking this sketchy pill!", etc. I have been there many times.

    Good luck to you and I hope to see you on the forum!

    -Ms. Optimistic. :-P

  • Welcome back, you've been missed :-)

  • Cheers all, good to be back :)

    Day 1 started off good.  Instead of sausage roll for breakfast I had a youghurt, for mid meals instead of lollies I had fruit and tuna , for lunch I had my satay tofu instead of a pizza roll and for last meal I had peanut butter on wholemeal bread and made myself a stir fry for lunch tomorrow.

    Cardio was...tiring!  When you don't do it for a few weeks, and eat A LOT OF CHIPS before it, you get out of shape fast, but I did the full 20 minutes and felt good!


    I think the big thing for me is structure, and the BFL plan gives me that, and if I follow it properly then...well I achieve my goals!  So on my way home I bought some almonds as my meals were a bit low in protein today, but tomorrow will be even better, but oh god, Lower Body tomorrow :S

  • This is a GREAT post!!!!  There is no magic secret around a different corner, or some alternate plan out there that will get you better results.  The bottom line is work hard and eat right.  The BFL plan makes that as easy as it gets.

  • Thanks for being so honest with all of us.  That takes courage and you'll do better this next time because of it.  Always anticipate adversity.  I pulled a muscle in my neck my first week of my challenge.  I'm still on the horse.  Progress, not perfection is the key!

  • So second day, went well!

    HAve to say, Ibrain was coming up with ways to justify eating burgers, but I didn't want to lie on these forums so that helped keep me honest.  Had a delicious avocado and chickpea salad for dinner after my lower body workout.

    That was...ok, I had to go on lighter weights now than when I was half way through my last challenge, which is a little humiliating, BUT it just means faster progression

    Thanks for the encouragement, see you all tomorrow :)

  • Three days, still going.

    I forgot my tuna so had to grab a wholemeal roll from the cafe, but was only small and I didn't gorge on anything.  I had rest of my avocado and chickpea salad for lunch, though to my great shame i had stored it in a JAR like some filthy hipster! :P

    I think it was technically vegan too.

    Good thing I can't fit those skinny jeans yet!

    Cardio was better, didn't get the stitch this time and went a smidge faster.  Still down on where I was a month or two ago, but hey, back on track!

  • Fourth day, a holiday and i made it through.  Holidays are usually the devil for me, I can just regress like no ones business.  But did weights as soon as I got out of bed, had myself a protein, yoghurt, berry, banana and mint smoothie for follow up and rest of the day just flowed.

    Tomorrow is off day, planned so that I wouldnt binge on the weekend.  I can taste the nachos now!

  • Sounds great man, keep it up!

  • Hello MrCynical,   Hang in there and someday soon you WILL be wearing those skinny jeans for all to see. Sounds like your efforts and clean eating is right on track.  Try to image your new look and review your goals to help out from time to time.  Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Phew, some great days!

    First a confession, after my last post, i did have a small bag of caramel popcorn with nuts that was hidden in the back of my cupboard.  Holidays are a ***.

    Day 5 was my off day on Friday, Nachos and bond and skittles, all was good

    day 6 saturday was cardio and as soon as i got up (which admittedly was about 10:30...) I hit the treadmill and had a great workout.  Food was good, but I did have some indian samosa thing leftovers in the evening,got rid of them though.

    day 7 was lower body and went great, also did it in the morning first thing *cough* 11ish *cough* I did have corn chips in the evening, but not giant ass bag, and that is going to be the last of my lapses!

    Day 8 today was another great cardio day, and food brilliant, can't weight for weights tomorrow!

  • Day 9, slight wobbles but it could have been worse.

    Its the "month end reset" where I figure that I will just do better next month.  It was an odd day, I felt like murdering all of my csutomers, yet I actually made bonus for the first time in ages, and we landed a massive exclusive contract and things are looking really good....yet I still had a reeces pieces to try and clear my misery, and boss gave me a glass of wine and some chips towards end of the day, which I had all too eagerly.

    BUT, I made it to the gym.  It was a pretty terrible workout, I think I hated the music as well, and it was MY ipod, and I kept seeing my flab, and my hair looked gross, and my elbow hurt and WAAAAH.

    But, still did it.

    I just now made my pumpkin laksa which means my lunches are sorted for a while, and I have delicious chicken pasta for tomorrow, so the cooking HELPS A LOT!

    Bring on a fantastic May!

  • Day 10 and first of the month and all went well.

    Had a great cardio workout, I give full credit to the Chicago soundtrack, my laksa was amazeballs and while I was tempted with buying an entire box of chunky kitkats online, I didn't!  

    Admittedly I am thinking about that box right now, and then also thinking of me lying on the couch with empty wrappers everywhere, and using them to wipe my tears...but it didn't happen!