Shoulder Symmetry

  • Hi all

    One problem I have which I hope the programme will help me with is that my shoulders are out of wack. My left shoulder sits further forward in its socket than my right, which then obviously impacts the symmetry of both my shoulders and my pecs. I certainly wasn't born this way, and only noticed it about 15 years ago.

    I have previously broken my collar bone and trained for weights for years in my early twenties with pretty poor form I suspect. I wonder if that is what has caused it. Looking at some people's pics, I'm hoping the programme may help even me out, and I've started doing Pilates (again) as I also have 2 prolapsed discs (courtesy of the IronMan triathlon, hence the handle!).

    Any similiar experience out there please guys?

  • When I had my "before" pictures taken - I noticed my left shoulder is lower than my right.  I tweaked my shoulder and elbow a few months back,...funny someone else has noticed a similar problem!