Can't decide if I'm discouraged, or what?

  • I've been following the program perfectly. I took my 4 weeks photos which showed minor differences, and I've gained 3lbs after losing 10. I realize, after reading all the threads that this is expected because of muscle building, but Oh man, I am so discouraged! I'm taking in about 1850 calories a day and considering cutting it down to 1500. I just don't want to look skinny. At my gym there are a variety of women who lift, but look so disproportionate. I like my curves, just want a more condensed, solid version! Any suggestions, or words of encouragement?

  • Your calories are fine, in total.  Assuming they're on all on the list, don't worry.  But with 1850 calories, you won't drop the weight as fast.  Don't be discouraged the change will come.  Unfortunately, you just have to be patient.

  • Hi, stick with it. As Bill says in the book, have faith....

  • You're doing amazingly well! Ten pounds in 4 weeks is nothing to sneeze at. There WILL be fluctuations, so don't worry about the three. In fact, don't worry so much about what the scale is telling you. Instead, focus on the changes you are seeing and feeling in your body. Take your measurements; check your clothing fit. As they buiild, your muscles will become denser as the fat is leaving your body....all of this will show as fluctuations, but is completely NORMAL if you are following the program.

    Be sure to drink your water. Try not to focus so much on caloric intake rather than portion sizes. That just complicates things, and who needs that!

    Keep up the great work, and keep us posted!


  • Thanks for the support everyone. I am still going full speed ahead with the program and can hardly believe I'm already 31 days into it! It's good to have this forum for moments like that. I don't get them often, but when it hits, it hits hard. Can't wait until the 1/2 way point! Where is everyone else in their progress?

  • I agree with all of them,  Hang in there and more results will come and don't just rely on scale weight, clothes and photos and other measurements say a lot as well about your progress.  Keep MOving Forward !!

  • The changes take time, but notice how good you feel! Drink that water, eat those portions, and somehow all these energy comes :)

    It's true what they say about Week 8, that lots of people start to notice your changes (at least for me it was)

    Keep with it!