Week 8 Update: Photos!

  • So this is my Week 8 Results... Have lost 14.5 pounds!!! woooo! I've gone from size 14 to size 12 I've noticed.

    About an inch lost in bust, waist & hips each! I'm super excited! I'm doing the program for another 8 weeks, so I hope this excitement carries me through! I've been having my doubts but it's nice to know that this is working!!!

    Doctor said that I've probably gained about 3 to 4 pounds of muscle weight, so I could actually have closer to 20 pounds lost :) yayyyy

    PS- Sorry for grumpy face in new picture, not a morning person!

  • You look great girl!!! Nice work ;) I am just wrapping up Week 12 - so I'll be posting a full week-by-week photo documentary next week sometime. It's sooo amazing what is possible through this Program when we really commit. Also a bunch of us are going to be starting a second Challenge Round on April 29th if you want an awesome Team to help support you in your journey - watch for "Team Gladiators" thread in a few weeks... Best of LUCK!!!

    xoxo Kat Divine

  • Wow look at that waist!!!!!!!

  • Wow, to quote Billy Crystal.....YOU LOOK MARVELEOUS!!!!!   Keep up the great work and that is some serious toning and weight loss there as well as adding all that muscle whick will help you to burn off even more body fat in the long run.  Way To GO!!! Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • First thing I notice was your waist!  Looking awesome!

    And the best is yet to come.  Weeks 8-12 were great for me.  Weeks 13-15 have been even better!  Stay motivated, you're doing great.  And SMILE!

  • You look great!  Agree with others, the waist was the first thing I noticed as well, big difference! Keep it going and you are really going to see some results in the next 8 weeks.  No socks?

  • you look awesome!!!!!  Great job!  Keep it up :-)

  • Wow you look like such a doll! And you seriously got that sexy hourglass thing going-how cool is it to have that shape and be skinny at the same time?!

    I bet you are looking forward to bikini season! Keep it up, you da bomb <3

  • Great Job - I can definitely see the difference in your waist and hips.  What a difference 8 weeks makes!  I encourage you to stay focused on what another 8 weeks may bring - you are doing fantastic and can't wait to see the next set of pictures!

  • Aw thanks everyone! You all in this forum are so motivating!!! So much smiling is happening right now :)

    In 4 weeks, I'll bring back the socks :)

  • Looking good maemouse. ;o)

  • Nice. Keep it up and enjoy the journey. It is a long one

  • You look great!!! I'm on week 5 and my changes are small but significant. Keep it up you are making great progress. When we truly work to change our bodies we have to remember to not compare ourselves to all the lies in magazines, commercial and all that stuff. This is the real deal and it takes work and time. Thanks for the motivation!