Challenge complete with pics.....

  • Thanks BobbyA

    Going on holiday in a few weeks so plenty more time for a few more changes.

  • Awesome job! you like great! very inspiring :)

  • Good work Rich. Looking good. I'm in week 3 of my challenge, and enjoying it.

  • Thank Brian!

    The main thing I realised when doing the challenge is to enjoy it, so if that means having slightly larger portions after the gym or no shakes and more whole food meals or whatever it is, do it, as once you finish the 12 weeks you are not going to go back to your old ways and any improvements will get better and better each week. I think doing this will ensure you finish the 12 weeks.  At the end of the day, its a lifestyle change so dont worry if you dont look like Brad Pitt after 12 weeks, you have plenty of time afterwards.

    At first I was slightly disappointed with my results, but 10 days or so later I am very happy as each day I the results paying off.

    Keep going!


  • So after a week or so off I hit the gym again today and decided to go before work and instantly regretted it.

    I honestly do not know how people can do the intense sessions without having eaten throughout the day, had no energy and felt sick towards the end of the UBWO.

    Think I will stick to doing the weights in the evening or have a snack before.

    Anyone else have same issue?

  • YUP....the wake up and go balls out on an empty stomach thing does NOT work for me at all...gotta be later in the day with at least a bar in my system and some juice or coffee.