Challenge complete with pics.....

  • Hi all,

    After a hard 12 weeks battling through the challenge, illness and some terrible weather, I have finished my first BFL challenge.

    At the start I weighed 98Kg and now still 95Kg so not a great loss on that front, but think I have put muscle on so that hopefully accounts for that. Especially my legs, which I have no photo's for. Will try do some soon.

    I generally feel so much better in health, fitness and overall happiness. Being able to get in to some older clothes again is great and this is just the start of my transformation from fat beer drinking oath to fitter, slimmer Ric.

    I think honestly the results could have been better as I had problems controlling the portion size and only really in the last few weeks got it under control. I think the combination of the really poor weather here and an endless battles with man flu made the change in diet very difficult.  Now I feel I have that under control and not over eating the changes the last few weeks have been better.

    Got a holiday in a month to Valencia in Spain so still have time to shed some more.

    Whilst doing this I thought about the weight loss in ways of an onion.... bear with me...  Take a layer off an onion and it still looks the same but take 10 or 12 layers off and will look a lot smaller, that's how I thought about my progress. 1 week the change may not be noticeable but after 12 they are. 

    My strength has increased but more noticeably my fitness is good. By the end of the challenge I was starting the cardio at level I was finding very difficult to finish at the start of the challenge.

    Anyway here are the pics, assembled before and after.

    Still work to do but happy with the start.


  • Great job, Rich!  You look much stronger for sure.

  • Way to GO RIch,  You made some serious gains and losses on your challenge, Best of wishes always to ya!! Keep Moving Forward!!  How about that renewed energy and confidence it gives you as well??

  • Thanks for the kind words.

    I am happy with the progress, the bottom photo showing me side-on I think shows the difference in the weight loss, however the back photos show the muscle gained.

    WPBill you are right, the confidence is greatly improved and feel better and better each week.

  • p.s  

    This is only the start of the transformation, will get better and better each week!

  • Wow what great progress! Thanks for posting!!

  • You look awesome! yay progress!

    Thank you for posting this, so motivating

  • Great job, Ric!  You look awesome!  

  • Dude, your back looks hot! Great pics. For some reason, I assumed you were younger than me! Don't ask me why. Its just funny when you read someone's blog for a while and then see a picture much later.

    Anyway, you have done great! Congratulations for sticking to it.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone, I was quite nervous putting the pictures up as I was hoping for better results, but I was seriously fat and out of shape at the start, so I am actually happy with the progress. At the end of the day it took a year or two to go on so cant expect to be at the complete opposite end of the scale straight away.

    Lil Caity thanks for the back handed compliment " I assumed you were younger than me, then I saw the picture"   it made me laugh. To be fair I needed a shave and a hair cut to restore my youthful boyish looks :)   Also need a tan on my pasty British skin.

    Since finishing the challenge I have felt really pleased with myself for finishing and have the confidence to take the change to the next level.

    I think the forum here is very good and everyone seems to be friendly which helps.

    Keep going fellow BFL'ers!

  • Oh no! I absolutely did not intend to sound back handed! I had read your blog and you had a youthful joy and motivation that just made me imagine you as a 20yr old.

  • I know, I was just joking. :)

  • Good job Rich... looks like your stronger and more confident in yourself.. You did great to continue even with obstacles.. Hope you have a better time with the next challenge and nomore Man

  • Thanks Stacy, Man Flu is very serious, be thankful that you will never have to endure it.

  • Nice job, man! You got some great results!