Day 18 - Down 10lbs and pants are loose!

  • You know that feeling of dread after you do laundry and your pants are tight, so you maneuver until they loosen up just a little bit? I didn't have to go through that. I have lost 10lbs in 18 days (grant it, it's probably mostly water weight), but my pants were not tight after the wash! In 12 days, I will take my 2nd picture since the start of BFL, and I'm actually excited to see the difference!

    On a strange note, has anyone else had dreams of binge eating? I've had them for two nights in a row. Woke-up freaked out and exercised harder at the gym!

  • Way to go! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Tight dryer jeans--the worst! Clearly that 10 pounds, whatever it was, has made a difference. Congrats on the milestone!

    Eating dreams...YES! I think we get them because dreams allow us to do things we don't do, or shouldn't be doing. I STILL have smoking dreams, even though it's been 15 years since I quit. Seems so gratifying in the dream, but then I start thinking, "Wait a minute....I quit this a long time ago. Why am I doing this now? I've worked so hard!" Same with eating. Even though dream cheesecake tastes a bit like cardboard, it is still somehow gratifying (albeit guilt-inducing).

    As long as you're only dreaming it (and not actually eating in your sleep!), I say enjoy it! Dream calories will never show up on your waist or hips.

  • Dang 10 pounds?!?! You must really be giving it your all! I am on day 38 and have not quite lost 10lbs yet. But I had a lot of muscle to gain, I was like one of those 'wacky wavy inflatable arm' guys lol.

    I have those eating dreams. Usually they're about cake or cupcakes with lots of icing. Things that made me fat/ashamed when I was little, that I stay away from as an adult.

  • Elley, it's so funny you mentioned that, because I actually got worried for a minute that it wasn't a dream, and had to ask my husband! It's so crazy how food has such a strong-hold on our minds. Not eating unhealthy and fighting off cravings just show's how out of whack our bodies are from all the poisons we feed it. That's great you haven't smoked in 15 years! Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Caity, I've committed to weighing myself once a week, and taking a photo once a month. Have you noticed your clothes fitting differently? That's amazing you're on day 38! You must feel so proud of yourself! I can't wait to see the end result. It's absolute torture not knowing what my body will look like in it's prime condidtion. Do you have anyone doing BFL with you? I'm on my own, and love having the forum to read!

  • Greetings all,  while water weight may be some of the reason the legs got bigger, I think the rest may be the development of the quads and other leg muscles due to muscle being added. I have noticed that even though my waist size is getting smaller that my pants sometime fit a little tight around the leg area (this happens with my costume for work at WDW) and so I have to go up one size even though I am actually lower in the waist size at the time. Oh, well, perhaps more running on the treadmill will help to define and thin them out more.  Just started doing the HIT type aerobics yesterday again and that first day is a real kicker back on that type of system. Keep Moving FOrward!!