Challenge 1 completed with pics!

  • Hi all,

    I just completed my first BFL challenge a day ago and I must say it's been quite a journey.  I'm excited that this day has finally arrived, and that I followed the program to the "T".  I thought I would've had a little better results in the end, but I'm still impressed with what I have now through all the hard work.  Here are some of my stats:

    Before:                                   After:

    Weight: 231 lbs                      Weight: 208.5 lbs

    Body fat %: 25.4                    Body fat %: 18.5

    Waist: 42"                             Waist: 32.4"

    Belly: 44.1"                            Belly: 37.8"

    Chest: 41.7"                          Chest: 42.1"

    Bicep: 15.6"                          Bicep: 15.1" (smaller?  I guess less fat)



    I look forward to starting C2 next week!  Good luck to everyone else!

  • Great job man!  Looking good.  Glad to see you're ready for another.  I took a week off before starting back today... I swear my body hated it!  The junk food made me feel terrible and I really missed the gym (I went 3 times instead of 6).  Check us out on the April 1 thread.

  • Thanks man!  You had some awesome results, yourself.  I'm already lost not going to the gym, but I'm just going to eat clean this week and do a bit of cardio.  Good luck to you!

  • AWESOME! I am beginning today and am super inspired by your great results!

  • Greetings and Way to GO,  Great results from a determined BFL Challenger.  Wishing you the best in your future and Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • You did so well with challenge one, and I know you will knock challenge two out of the park.  You were so driven and motivated, and your results show that.  WTG!  Keep rocking those workouts and keep that food clean. Can't wait to see results after the next 12 weeks.  Enjoy your active rest week; you've earned it and you need it!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good job, looking good..

  • Nice work!

  • awesome job!

  • Congratulations!