Does anyone else HATE free days?

  • I'm in my 8th week, and I've already grown to loathe them. I feel listless, my mood kinda swings all over, and it makes me feel like I'm sabotaging my progress. I understand the reasoning behind them, but I really don't like eating like that anymore. Any advice?

  • Praps just limit your free day to one meal? Some people skip them altogether personally I need my free day as it keeps me going during the week and after my free day I feel so gross I can't wait to get back on track.

    If you don't need them that's great but I wouldn't have got through 12 weeks without them.  Wish I hated them I can tell you! Lol

  • YES!  I'm right there with you.  No one says you HAVE to put junk in your body... and that terrible feeling you have after doing it... that's your body saying I don't want it!  My advice is eat what you WANT 1 day a week.  If you want grilled chicken and baked potato, that's what you eat.  Toward the end I used my day to just relax my diet, ate larger portions if I was hungry, but didn't eat junk just because I felt like I had to.

  • It is a love/hate thing for me....I love food (chocolate, frozen yogurt, everything...), hate the gross feeling you get from not eating clean. I definitely restrain myself more at the end of a challenge (week 10 right now).


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  • Maybe just have a free meal or a few goodies on your free day that you normally don't allow yourself to have during the other 6 days.  You don't have to eat everything that you wanted during the week and make yourself sick; just a few foods you really love and miss during the week.  I am not doing a BFL challenge right now, but I eat clean during the week, and then splurge and have a starbucks latte after my spin class on Saturdays, and on Sundays, when I am at the grocery store, I buy myself a little bit of dark chocolate.  I try to eat my "sin" foods away from home and not have them in the house.  Good luck!!

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  • Hello, I think what BDMOM said is great,  it does help if you pick only one meal or just a few items to "go crazy" with on those Free days and not to let it become a Free for ALL  or as in monopoly a Get out of Jail Free card to speak.  Perhaps you might even notice that in your last couple of weeks that you can scale down or even by pass the urge to splurge on those days, it worked for me last time around. You have to look to the greater good for results on this one. (And do try to avoid alcohol on those days because it affects your metabolic rate for two days after consumption). Keep Moving Forward.