posting pics

  • I want to post my first and 6th week pics. How do I do this?

    Stacy Lynn

  • Well, couldn't figure out how to do it on here, so I posted them on my page


    No huge milestones, but I can see some differences when I look close enough  :) Not as disappointed as I was earlier today, thanks to my husband and best friend who pointed the differences out for me!  :)

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy I think one way to do this is on your Bio Page.  

    Either way I looked at your photos at and you can see some changes in your side view.  Look at your arms, they are getting some definition.  Also your ab region is starting to take form!

    Don't be disappointed with yourself (I know - we are always the hardest critic on ourselves because we live with ourselves 24/7).  Improvement is a good thing.

    Treat this like halftime of a football game.  This is where you find the strength to push forward.  You've got 2 more quarters to go and anything can happen.

    Follow and believe in it.

    I'm 2 clicks ahead of you and when week 8 ends I'm going to post my pic on my bio page.  Although not entirely thrilled, I do know I am entering the last stretch and it's the "4th" quarter.  Don't know how much my body will change, but I know my mentality is changing, my lifestyle is improving and no matter what, I know I'll finish this challenge and that's going to be a HUGE foundation in which to build a better body and life!  Yay!

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D53

  • Thanks, MarquiD. I have been comparing the pics all night and am finding more settle differences. Just not as much as I had thought :(

    Thanks for the analogy! I like football so it works!  

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy you click on the  rich formatting and look for the film reel icon... :o)

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