Scale moved in wrong direction....a little bummed....

  • .....I know, I no attention to the scale; throw it off the cliff; five pounds of fat vs. five pounds of muscle.....I'm well versed in all that. You'd think I'd listen to my own preaching!

    Just started week nine, and was discourage when, of the 10 pounds I've dropped so far (I know, right? I'll complain about anything!), three crept back on. I have sat here literally all afternoon, scanning posts, looking for reassureance that the 8 and 9 week transformation I've heard about will happen to me, too! It was not encouraging to see the numbers on the scale go up rather than down at this stage of the Challenge. Fat is supposed to be melting by now!

    I'm not giving up, however. I checked my measurements and they are dropping nicely. All my jeans are getting baggy and I have new size fours and sixes just waiting for me in my closet. I know that I've worked out with remarkable consistence, having missed only one workout in the last nine weeks. While scanning posts and feeling sorry for myself, I read so many words of help and enlightenment written by all of you! Instead of curling up on the couch with a bowl of buttered popcorn while licking my wounds, I received renewed strength and determination instead.

    Clearly, transformations are happening. I simply need to use the proper tools to gauge, and I'm realizing the scale isn't one of them. (Boy, for something I don't even like very much, I sure seem to place a lot of trust in it. Scale, schmale, I say!)

    So everyone, even when you're feeling discouraged, please keep posting. Sometimes you need support; sometimes you will help someone else with your stories along the way.

    Well, here's off to an awesome Week 9! My goal is to simply love feeling as good as I've been feeling the past several weeks, and to stay focused on the prize. Which will not be a new scale, BTW.

    All my best,



  • Elley, I remember several times in week 9 and 10 when I just wanted to say, "to hell with it."  Now, 2 days into week 13, I'm dying to start again.  Be encouraged by the baggy clothes.  You're obviously doing great for yourself.  

  • Thanks JR, it does help to hear that I'm not alone. I'm better today...I've adjusted my attitude accordingly and am taking a good, hard look at what I can do better. As I recall (having done BFL before) and as I've read, this is a common time in the Challenge to start slacking. I might have done some of that. Well, if nothing else, the scale does provide a good reality check when needed!

    Congrats on starting your second challenge! Very inspiring. Keep us updated on your progress!


  • And Elley always remember that a pound of muscle weighs alot more than a pound of fat lost.  That is one of the reasons a scale is sometimes not the best tool of measure to use during the program.  Keep Moving FOrward Elley!!

  • Same here. Put 3lb back on in week 9. But got into a dress I couldn't wear three weeks previous when lighter.

    It's bizarre. :-)

  • WPBill has it right - a scale can be very misleading in your first challenge.

    So many people use weight because it's an easy number to monitor.  Easy doesn't imply it's a meaningful number.  Better metrics would be your body composition (fat %), blood pressure, cholesterol level, resting heart rate, blood sugar level, etc.  One pound always equals one pound.  But, muscle is more dense than fat, so the volume of 1 lb of muscle is less than 1 lb of fat.  And, of course, muscle is metabolic so burns calories at a higher rate than the equivalent amount of fat.  

    We live in an instant gratification society. Did we become over-sized in 8 - 10 weeks?  Should we expect to get back to a right size in 8 - 10 weeks?  Those of us who have been doing this for a long time learn that the timescale for body changes is not a fast one.  

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.