Day 84... the results are in!

  • EXCELLENT results! You _should_ be proud. :) Mark Twain said "It ain't braggin', if ya done it..."

    Well - Ya done it. :) Congrats!

  • I loved your comment and am so incredibly impressed at your "stick-with-it-ness!!!" Well done!!!


    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • There's no need for modification.  Everyone seems to be looking for the next big edge.  But the way this program is designed... if you are costantly reaching your 10s, you are always increasing your intensity, and the need for adjustment is minimal.  I changed exercises every 3-4 weeks, as needed, but always stuck to the plan.  If you workout with the intensity that the plan calls for, you'll be in great shape!

    Yes, I was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer back prior to law school and the new career.  Makes it shameful that I let myself get to the condition of the "before" pics.

  • Hey bro...well done.

    I am on week 7 and your week 8 photo gives me hope. I dropped from 199 and 25% down to 181 and 18% in 4.5 weeks but seemed to have plateaued (?) this past week or two (also fell off the wagon for a concert and had ALOT of cocktail calories for a weekend).

    You are right, it is hard to hit 6 meals and 150g+ protein consistently, and I always feel like I do hit my tens but the cardio and weights is so brief compared to the time I used to put in as a younger man (with less results and a shittier diet)...but I have yet to NOT be psyched for a session at the gym.

    The other thing I worry about is my work schedule makes me double up on cardio/weights between 2-3 days each week (I own a restaurant and cook from early until late in a very rural area)..and I am concerned my BMR lags on the days in between...did you stick to honest 6 days weeks.

    I am psyched for you. The results are inspiring for me coming around the turn. It seems your results snowballed towards the second half and I am hoping to see the same. I always fret my 10s aren't tens, despite a lifetime of digging deep in sports, ya know?

    Thanks for sharing,


  • WOW!!! Nice Job there Superman ;) Just coming into Week 10 and OMG for some reason hitting lotsv physical/mental/emotional "brickwalls" - so it's just shear determination fueling this Kat right now! Great to see a final Transformation and to really see what is possible in just 12 short weeks! Thanks for posting and reminding us all WHY we are on this journey. See you in the Champion circle! Heheh xoxo

  • Great job!!!  It looks like you really kicked it in the last three weeks  Your transformation is very impressive.  I am into week 11 and up until this point, my results have been decent, but really want to finish strong. After a few weeks of little change, the last 4 or 5 days, the weight has been coming off and I'm now down to around 196-198 (depending on scales) from 215. Understand what you posted about some wanting modify the program in last few weeks to get an edge as I am tempted myself. You did mention something about cycling carbs in your diet.  How does that work and do you feel it made any difference?


  • I know exactly what you're saying Max.  There always seems to be that little bit extra.  I always seemed to think I was giving 10 effort, but didn't always get a 10 result.  Just keep pushing.

    I've got a really tough schedule as a financial advisor in the middle of tax season, but I started every day with my workout so I was able to stick to 6 days per week.  I was pretty consistent with the schedule, but I know several people have had to double up.  I did a very little doubling up the last 2 weeks, but that was just for extra workouts not to replace a workout that I missed.  I was so pumped to be working out, and having so much fun in the gym, I don't think I missed more than 1 workout in 12 weeks.  I did have a hard time during week 6 when I was in Costa Rica for a mission trip.  I just focused on running every day, did a few sets of pushup and situps, but that was all I really was able to do.

    You're right though, the results snowballed at the end.  I hope you see the same.  Not only that, but weeks 11-12 really motivated me for weeks 13 and beyond.  Remember your 84 days may come to an end, but the program is Body-for-LIFE.

  • DIVA- I don't know if I mentioned in this thread, but I know I have in others.  During weeks 9 and 10, I really felt like saying "to hell with it" this is good enough.  But weeks 11 and 12 really inspired me!  I've been busy all morning (at the expense of a real job) planning out my next 12 weeks!

  • David- cycling carbs is about modifying your carb intake thoughout the week, with high carb and low-carb days.  For instance, if you are 200lbs, maybe your high carb days have 200g of carbs.  The goal behind high-carb days is to restore glycogen burnt as fuel during workout and not restored on your low-carb days.  There are several different methods but essentially you have 2-3 days with lower carb intake, followed by 2-3 days of higher carb intake.  I tried to incorporate this method a little, but wanted to remain true to BFL, because my primary goal was to finish 84 days on the program, and just see what happens!

    In the last weeks, I did change the types of carbs I was eating, and when I was eating them.  My last 2 meals generally would only include high fiber type carbs from veggies vs. starchy carbs like rice, potatoes, breads, unless I was trying to restrore glycogen after a low-carb day.

    Remember carbs are ESSENTIAL!  You cannot build muscle without carbs.  Also, different people react differently to modifying carbohydrate intake, and decreasing carb intake can be detrimental to a good workout!

  • Congrats on your transformation!  You look great!

  • Alot of folks have asked about cholesterol:  Dropped from 269 to 159!

  • You look amazing and I know you feel great. Keep it up!. I can't believe I am coming up on almost a year of my Challenge start date. I love my new PowerBlocks and I get frustrated when something interrupts my workout schedule. I truly am a changed person inside and out. That unhealthy person I was almost a year ago almost seems like a stranger to me.   The Challenge is truly life changing. Congrats!

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Mouth dropped, congrats on your progress.   A true inspiration to all, thanks!

  • Amazing!!! What a mean looking back! Very inspiring.....thanks for posting!

  • Fantastic job, you should feel so proud!


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29