Day 84... the results are in!

  • Hey guys.  Thank you all for the support and advice.  Finally made it to day 84.  Went to the doctor this weekend for physical and blood work.  BP dropped from 130/90 to 105/70!  Pulse rate down to 58bpm!  Cholesterol had to be sent to lab should get results mid-week. 

    Weight:  206lbs down to 187lbs = -19lbs

    BF%:  19% down to 12% = -7%

    So motivated for week 13!

    The whole competition has been a blast, but the funnest part may be the complete vanity of the before and after pics: 


  • WHAT?!? Stop it!  I mean, Dang, Gina! ;-)  You look AWESOME!  Seriously, so awesome!  I wonder how many exclamation points I can use in one post?  Anyway, YOU LOOK GREAT!  You rocked this challenge, yeah you did!  :-)  You must be thrilled! 

  • Holy crizzzap JR!! Your transformation is friggin' AMAZING!! I agree with G, YOU LOOK GREAT. Thanks so much for sharing - it helps to remind us that we are all on the right track as long as we give it our all and follow the plan (as the voice in my head reminds me - 10s....hit the fing 10s....). HUGE PROPS!!!

  • Congratulations!  You look amazing!

  • Hey-ooo! You don't even need to tell people you been doing this thing because THAT BODY DON'T LIE!!! And your smile is priceless. Way to go!

  • Wow,  Awesome results for this challenge for you.  Way to GO!!!! You should be very proud and energized by the results you have achieved along the way.  Best wishes for the future for you and Keep MOving Forward!!!

  • Thanks Gina, E, Lila & Caity.  Just for the record, day 84 is pretty awesome, and getting to post the pics is pretty liberating!  Thanks for the all the compliments.  I keep looking back at the week 1 picture of my back in disbelief.  I'm glad my wife didn't leave me during my fat and lazy days!

  • Love it!! It is truly amazing what you just did in 84 days!!  I look at these transformation before and after photos and I wonder if these people really did that in 12 weeks. I am happy to see that, yes, it is possible! You are very inspirational. Keep up the hard work!

  • Amazing transformation!!

    I'm not far from finishing myself but worried at my results, still got plenty to lose. What was your daily diet like?  Did you do any extra cardio?

  • Very little extra cardio.  The last 2 weeks, I probably had 3 extra sessions, in the mornings, on days when I lifted after work.  I cut out "free days" the last 2 weeks as well.  I was discouraged about weeks 9-10 thinking I wasn't seeing the results I wanted... by the end I felt a lot better about the results.  I really didn't feel great, until I posted the pics side-by-side.

  • Nice work man.  You look fantastic!  Any idea how many calories you were consuming per day?

  • You look fantastic!  I'm super glad to see those bp and heart rate numbers!  Can't wait to hear about the cholesterol counts....

  • You rocked it!!! WTG!  You are so proud, I am sure.  Keep taking care of your body and your mind!!!  God Bless!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • yea... I've got a really good idea of how many calories I ate, and where they came from.  I tracked all my intake... and really focused beginning in week 5 to keep a good count.  I don't think this system will work for everyone, but it did for me (I'm a financial advisor, we tend to be OCD).  Sometimes it was hard to get every meal, but it was never tough to know what I was going to eat.  If you click on my name, it'll take you to my profile.  Under my files, there is an excel workpaper titled BFL meal plan.  This is my food log.  

    I wanted to stay around 1700-1800 calories, but I found that was tough.  There are many days when I'd miss a meal (especially that 6th meal) and my calorie count would fall to around 1300.  If you look at my meal plan, you'll see what I ate, and on the far right a total of the calories and % of carb/protein/fat.  Not every day was tracked perfectly, but you'll get a pretty good impression of how I ate.

    I wanted to stay around 1g of protein/ lb of body weight, so I needed about 190g or protein (760 calories).  If proteins made up 40-45% of my calories, that's how I got to my 1800 calorie goal.  I fell short on this goal too many days.  One of the goals of my next challenge is to NOT BE SCARED OF CALORIES.  I really want to focus on increasing lean mass in my next challenge.  I plan to shoot for 3,000 good clean calories.... although I think I'll be eating all day!

  • I went and saved a copy for future reference if I need meal ideas.  I see that you used to be a personal trainer.  Did you stick with the exercise program entirely or modify it?