Ladies--do your thighs get bigger??

  • Okay, so I know in my brain that, yes, our muscles retain water and when we first start working out, especially weight training, our muscles are holding onto this water......which, might make us a bit bigger until it's all flushed out.  I just want to hear from other ladies if this does happen to you!  I hate when I'm on a roll with working out (only completed week 1 BFL, but had been doing weights the previous 2 weeks also) and have my jeans tighter in the thighs!  Ugh!  I know they'll get smaller eventually......I think......I just want to know if anyone else feels my pain!  Or has had this happen and remembers when you finally got smaller!

  • I believe I had that happen as well.  That's part of the reason I gave up...I like quick fixes.  I just started this weekend again and I need this to work!  Be curious what everybody else says :)



  • YES, my thighs, my calves, and my upper arms got bigger as I put on muscle, but now at the beginning of week 9, everything is starting to get looser.  It was disheartening, but now the thickness in my arms and legs is firm and lean, and no longer soft and floppy!!  It has been slow-going, but I can really feel how strong I'm getting.  Hang in there!  Dedication and persistence is definitely the key!  Like they say: progress, not perfection.

  • Man, glad to read this post! I totally had that going on in my calves and was specifically feeling self conscious about it. I have not yet braved shorts out the house. When I took pictures on week 3, I was kind of feeling a slight let down because I looked better last week. I was just seeing a lot of puffyness in the mid section even though everywhere else looked better. THEN guess who came to visit yesterday? "Aunt Flow" lol. Oh Joy.

  • i have very muscular AND very fat legs.  when i start working out, i gain muscle much faster than i lose fat, so my clothes always seem to get tighter, which can be frustrating.  but then once the fat starts to go (assuming i can stick with the exercise program) my clothes start to become looser very fast.