I'm melting! 3rd week pics

  • You look great!!! Out of curiousity, how are you handling your freedays?

  • My free days are still structured with 6 meals at 2-3 hr time intervals, but I will plan food that is not authorized. Like yesterday I had butter on toast and added 2 regular eggs to my egg whites instead of just one. Later I had french fries and a burger. But I also ate authorized meals because I like them and they make me feel good. My digestion has improved and it is mind blowing. I had to take medication to digest what I ate before I started this. I felt like the rusty tin man before, rusted shut all over on the inside. Food felt stagnant in my stomach and I had constant issues with bathroom needs. So I still like to stick with a plan and not eat a lot at once.

    Thank you ALL for the compliments. You guys are the bomb! When I feel like taking it easy, I think of the progress I can make when I stick to the exact plan and how it can be a motivator for other people. I was looking in the mirror today at the gym and I can't believe what I am seeing!!! I wouldn't be as moivated without everybody here <3 <3

  • You are amazing!! Congrats on your progress & dedication!!

  • I am totally ready for new pics and to see the continued success!! I am addicted to looking through all the posted pictures bc it encourages me so so much!!

  • edit: I just got rid of what I had posted here because I was grumpy and had not done my workout yet! I talked too much about stuff that doesn't matter on this forum. Its always better to go on here POST workout :-P