I'm melting! 3rd week pics

  • 21 days in a row, never missing a day at the gym and giving it my all, eating 6 meals a day with a portion of protein and a clean whole food carb.......need I say more? This body don't lie.

    And one more of me sucking it in, for good measure (and because its funny!)

  • congrats!  that is wonderful!  


  • great job!

  • Wow!  Great progress in such a short time!

  • Oh my u are really doing it.  Can I be your friend.  U are inspirations.

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  • Greetings LilCaity,  Great results for just a short time,  way to go.  Hang in there  and don't give up.   Keep Moving Forward (Thanks for the local insight on OZ reviews).   You are inspiring to all of us with your determination and results.

  • Thank you soo much! I am exploding with joy. The forum has taken my motivation to the next level. I want people to see that even someone like me, big and out of shape with all sorts of past issues, can do this. The fact that some of you have messaged me about how I'm doing it is just unbelievable to me. I thought it would take a long time! I truly believe that if you give something your best, you will be amazed before you are half way through. I mean it when I say that my hand is always outstretched to anyone reaching out for help.

  • Keep going girl!

    Just on week 10 myself, but only seems a few days ago I was on week 3.


  • keep up the awesome work!!! :)

  • Amazing job! You should feel so proud, keep it up!


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  • OMG!!! Look at you go girl!!! Keep it up !!!



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  • ROCK IT GIRLFRIEND!!! Future BFL Champ in the making ;) xoxo Kat

  • Thanks for sharing Caity! You are doing great!

  • WOW!!  Amazing progress for such a short amount of time. Nice work.  Keep it up.  You've got this!!

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  • Great job!!!