Any advice for an over 50 female challenger?

  • Im 53 and taking the challenge for the second time. I am finishing my 3rd week and determined to complete the challenge this time around.  Working out is no problem, but I can not stick to my meal plan.  I have to get past the "eating it all because it tastes good" mentality.  Especially when Im surrounded by grandkids. Im trying so hard to stay on track, but I need help!    

  • Remember, your grandkids don't need to eat bad food either.  I wish my mother had taken some control over what I ate when I was younger - I might not have ever needed BFL as an adult!  Eating is very mental.  Drink lots of water and remember that you're eating healthy by choice!  Your choice because you want to be healthy to see those grandkids grow up!

    Good luck.  You can do this!

  • I just started this is week 1 for me and week 3 for my husband.  What's been working for me is I'll cook our meal and plan for the kids meals as well.  I totally understand because it's hard at work no one is eating right and when they come back in with their meals at lunch time, I'm like REALLY.  we are doing this for us and a lot of people don't care including family that we can't eat what they eat.  So just try to prepare your meal separate from the family.

    Hope that help and i'm closer to 50 than 40 LOL


    healthier in 2013

  • I am on week 7, I am 51 years old.  At times I have struggled with different aspects of the program, namely trying to ignore the scales.  As females, we have been jumping on that scale since we are about 14 years old, and it's hard to not put too much stock in those numbers.  But my body is changing slowly, and I am looking forward to the final 5 weeks of the program.

    Perhaps you can plan your free days when the grandchildren are going to be there.  That way, you aren't deprived of anything.  

    Also, it helps if you only prepare as much food as you and your husband will eat.  If there is extra, you will be tempted to eat more.  Don't be afraid to try some new dishes, and make sure you get all of your meals in each day, plus all of the water.

    I'm finding out that everyone is very different when it comes to metabolisms, rate of weight loss, and change of body shape.  However, one thing seems to remain consistent:  this program works.  I've not seen anyone yet say it has not worked for them if they followed it correctly and stuck it out to the end of the 12 weeks.

    Good luck to you gogranny.  You can do this!

  • I am 56 and starting the program today 4/22.  Female at that and menopausal.  So I know my challenge is out for me, but I really want to do this and need some encouragement.  Any good solid advice for a beginner?