Week 6: Discouraged.

  • Part of the journey is a good description.  

    I'm now in week 11.  As of week 8, I had lost 7.5 lbs, and 3 inches on the waist and 3 on the hips.  I don't allow myself to weigh or measure any more often.  I've come to accept that the end of the challenge is nearing, and I will not be where I had hoped to be.  I know I am not the only one.

  • Hey fly girl. Don't be too disheartened.  I'm in my tenth week and I've lost over a stone in weight since I started.  I do like the course and I'm just going to continue after 12 weeks.  It works so you don't have to stop after 12 weeks. Even if weight is coming off slowly, at least it's coming off and staying off.  As the saying goes if it ain't broke then don't fix it.  

  • Thanks toffeeman.  I have ended my 12 weeks, and was very disappointed to only have 7 pounds of weight loss.  I have 3 inches lost on the waist and 2 on the hips.  

    I don't know why I didn't do better, but I have some health problems that I suspect are influencing what is happening, or not happening. Maybe I even have thyroid issues, I don't know.  There are those who will accuse me of not following the plan, but I did, and I'm very proud of that.  It was often very difficult for me on days when I didn't feel well from my illness, but I pushed through and only missed one work out in the entire 12 weeks.   I took extra care to count every morsel that touched my lips, counting calories, carbs, protein and fats.  My intake was 1200 cal a day, with healthy low fats, and only proteins on the list.  

    I will continue with another challenge, but I am going to change up my diet plan.  I will add more vegetables and lighten up on the protein.  I'm not sure that my body is loving that.  I'll continue with the work out schedule, because I really believe it is a wonderful plan.  I'm also going to change my free day into one free meal, as others here have done.  

    I believe in this program, and I have been telling myself that it is a program to health and fitness, not weight loss.  I'm just hoping that eventually, the weight loss will be a side effect.  I am experiencing some positive health benefits, and hope that this will continue to help me out in my struggle to get well.

    So, onward we go, and hopefully I will have better news at the end of the second challenge.  

  • Flygirl - please come join us for C2!  There is a group of awesome, dedicated and motivating people in our group.  You original teammate, Justin, being one of them!!!!  Some have made tremendous progress and other of us (ME) were slow out of the gate.  None of us are giving up and will continue to support each other as we strive to reach our goals.

    We just moved to "Gladiators - Back in the Arena" under Weeks 13 and Beyond.  We are starting our second challenge on the 29th but are checking in during our rest week as well!

    Hope to have you join us!


  • Something that I think is important to remember.  When Bill wrote BFL, he chose not to use calories as an eating guide.  If you follow the book, eating a palm-sized portion of protein (doesn't matter now if you're 5' or 6' tall - match your protein to your palm) a fist-sized carb (again, fist size will very - match your carb to your fist) add in veggies and you're good to go.  Calories lead to people constantly stressing over whether they're eating enough, or too much.  Bill chose portion sizes because it's simple and allows you not to over-think calories.  Drink a ton of water.  Don't cut down on Protein, it's too important, just make sure you eat the right sized portion of Protein.  And hit your 10's!

    Good luck in Challenge #2!

  • Sharon, thanks for the invite.  I will be there!

    DaveND, I have agreed all along that I should stick to the program like gospel, but my results were so meager that I feel desperate to DO something to get it moving.  In the beginning, I did not count calories or anything, I just followed the program.  But when I wasn't losing, I felt the need to reexamine what I was doing, and see if maybe I was overeating or eating too much carb or whatever.  So I began recording everything on an app that tallies all of the nutritional info for your daily intake.  It is reassurance for me that I am within the correct parameters.

    I am curious about the water.  I have a REALLY hard time getting in 10 a day.  Most days I don't make it.  

  • Your results are almost identical to mine.  I've done the program before and had those crazy phenomenal results you see, even though I had to stop working out halfway through, but I was also more than 10 years younger.  I also take thyroid (for suppression, not for low thyroid) and I think the inability of my thyroid hormones to fluctuate is causing some of the problem; however, as I understand it, the results are exactly the same as when you are hypothyroid.  Still, the weight IS coming off, albeit way more slowly.  I followed everything to a "T" as well.  I'm curious...did you work out first thing in the morning? I did the first time, but not this challenge.  I'm thinking I might force myself to do that this time.

  • mintexas, morning work outs is another thing that I am changing to in C2.  I have been doing after-work workouts, and now that summer is approaching, and the days are longer, I feel that I can get up and at em earlier.  I know that the book recommends this, so maybe it will help some.  

  • Hi.  I understand your frustration.  My wife is a little older than you are and has never had a weight problem.  She is heavier than she wants to be and losing weight is not easy now that she is menopausal.  When you enter menopause, your hormones change and losing weight becomes more of a challenge.  If you are in this situation, I would recommend getting on amberen or something like that to regulate the hormones.  If EAS has a product like that then by all means use it instead.  Work with your body and that includes the endocrine system as well.  Good luck.  Remember, you are getting healthier no matter what>

  • Hi sorry if other people have already commented to this effect but you should NOT be counting calories but just follow the program. Your body will be needing a lot more calories than normal does as you should be using a lot more energy than it normally would, and by not taking enough calories you body could be eating away at the muscle that you already have plus your metabolism will slow right down causing you to store any food you put in as fat too...do the opposite to what you think you should do and start eating according to the program and dont worry about calories (e.g. fist size porttion of protein and carb 6 times per day)...eventually you will begin to notice a change though with women it takes a while to show.