Plastic Surgery?

  • Was wondering what the opinion is out there about the mommy tummy and if it can be lost with diet and exercise alone (the bfl after pics are amazing).  I had a plastic surgeon tell me a few years ago that the only way I'd be able to get completely rid of my post baby mommy tummy would be to give him $7500 and get a full tummy tuck.  I've had 3 kiddos, but don't feel like my stomach is too far off from being flat.  What do you think? 

  • Hi Riccar, I have to disagree with you doctor!  I have had 2 children one of which was over 8 pounds, and I have ALWAYS carried my weight in my tummy.  Anyway, I did not think I would ever have a flat tummy let alone be able to see my abs.  However, after my challenge (2 years ago), I achieve just that, a totally flat tummy with a visible 6 pack!!  However, if you have a lot of loose skin them you may need surgery if you feel it is necessary.  I do have some loose skin, but it is not visible when I am standing only when sitting in a slouched position or in the plank position.  It really doesn't bother me at all!  I want to say my stomach was about 35" around when I started the program and after 12 weeks I was around 26" ... soooo yes it is possible to loose your tummy if you follow the program!  I can bump my before and after pics if you want to take a look at just how big my tummy was before and when it looked like after!  Let me know and good luck you can do this!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement!  I would love to see your pics!  I have some extra skin, but I can also feel a layer of fat on my tummy that I will keep working on getting rid of.  My youngest is almost a year, but when I had her I went into the hospital weighing a whopping 228 lbs!  After she was 2 months old I started a round of bfl, and than did 7 weeks of p90x right after that.  I am halfway though another round of bfl now.  I have not weighed myself for about 7 months, but I am in a size 8 pants and am just pushing forward hoping for the results I hope to achieve.  Thanks 1fitmama again...your encouragement means a lot!

  • I, too, have had two children, and have some loose skin on my stomach.  I know I will never achieve that 6-pack....I've tried, but I have been able to get a flatter midsection with cardio, working out and a clean diet.  I am the same as fitmama.  I look fine, when standing up, but when hunched over...a different story.  I know the only way to fix that is surgery, but I don't want to trade the amount of loose skin I have for a huge scar across the bottom of my abdomen.  Good luck!  My before & afters are on my profile, if you are interested.

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  • Hey Riccar, I just bumped the pics!  I was about a size 8 in the before pics and a very loose size 2 in the after!  I know you can make it happen!  Abs are made in the kitchen, keep your meals tight and clean and you WILL see your abs!  I am an apple shape and I have ALWAYS had rolls and a thick layer of fat on my tummy even as an active teenager!  ALSO, I did NOT see my abs until around week 10 ... when the magic happened!  Good luck!!