1/28/13 Check In- Week 6- Half way there!

  • It's week 6, and this challenge is 1/2 way complete!  I can tell a huge difference in my body, and can't wait to see how I'll look on week 12.  I'm gaining strength and muscle size way faster than I have with any other program.  I attribute this to the diet and the amount of rest between hitting the same muscle groups with weights again.  So far I've lost 19.2lbs, but have no way of measuring how much muscle I have gained.  If I keep this up I'll exceed my goal by about 3 pounds. 

    How's my teammate(s) doing?


  • I'm very happy for you!!!   I wish I could say the same for myself, but:


  • Hows it going teamie?  

    Tell me about yourself, Justin.  Is this your first time doing BFL?  It is for me.  I refuse to give up.  The support system here on the forum is crucial to progress, I believe.  

    I am 51, 5' 7" tall, and at start I weighed 170.  At week 4 I had lost 3 lbs, and one inch on the waist, and one inch on the hips.  At week 7, I have lost an additional 2 inches on my waist, but no more on the hips yet.  I have some health problems that sometimes hold me back a bit on the cardio, but I do as much as I can and never miss a work out.   I love the diet, and have absolutely no problem sticking to it, despite having a few allergy restrictions.  (dairy-allergic, so no whey protein shakes for me).  

    At the end of week 8, I will weigh again.  For most women, we begin weighing ourselves at puberty, and never stop obsessing about what that scale says.  So, it's been hard for me to ignore it, which is why I just don't get on it.  If I felt like I was dropping many pounds, I would, but my clothes still fit.  Fitting a little better, but not falling off me yet, so I'm staying off the scale.

    I am planning on continuing after the 12 weeks, as I know I won't be at my goal.  But there are no negatives. I love feeling better, looking better, having a goal, and making progress, no matter how slow it might seem to be.


    I'm from Michigan

  • I'm a 33 year old male for Southeast Missouri.  I'm married and have a 6 year old girl and a 9 month old boy.  I'm 5'10" and started the challenge at 267lbs.  This is my first BFL challenge, but it is 4th time I'm losing the same dang 60lbs (and I'm going for an additional 17lbs this time).  I did Atkins and about 2-3hrs a night in the gym the first three times, but got burned out by how strict the diet was each time and the amount of exercise I was putting in.  I got down to 200lbs last time and looked great.  I wish I would have done BFL when I got sick of my old program last time instead of just quitting altogether.  I've know about it for years, but just never tried it.

    I was always pretty athletic growing up.  I played football, wrestled, and was on the track team in high school.  I ave always loved lifting weights!!  My goal is to get down to about 185-190lbs.  Anything less than that I would look bad I think because I naturally have quite a bit of muscle on my frame.  When I wrestled I was 180lbs and I wasn't fully grown yet.  I didn't have a fat belly at the time either, so I'm guessing I'd be pretty cut at the 190lb mark now.  It's going to take at least two challenges to get there though.  The scale has slowed down a lot the past couple of weeks, but I'm sure it is due to muscle gain.  I can see my back and shoulders getting wider.  I don't know if you've heard of muscle memory or not, but I get back into shape pretty fast because of it.  The mucles remember how big and strong they were before and get back there in a hurry when needed.

    My last weigh in was Monday and I weighed in at 246.2lbs, so I've lost 21lbs so far.  I think you are right about the support here.  I don't have any at home, so I come here because it helps to hear from like minded people.  My wife says, "How long are you going to be on this crazy diet?"  I told her for LIFE!  I think I mean it this time....