Travel Advice?

  • Hello all,

    Looking for some experience BFLers around here who may have some advice on traveling. I'll be driving about 8 hours on Friday, and staying in a hotel for the weekend before driving back home Monday. Friday is supposed to be UB, and Monday is LB, but I'm thinking of moving LB to Sunday instead.

    The hotel I'm staying at has a basic gym, so I'm sure I'll have to get a little creative with the workouts. My question is this- what did you do to make sure that you didn't break your cycle while on a trip? I thrive on a tight schedule, so this program has been great for me with each scheduled workout and mealtime already set up. I'll be with a small group, so I don't want to be an inconvenience to them or be rude and only get water while we're out (if we go to eat somewhere).

    I guess any input out there would be great. Thanks everyone!


  • Travelling is really tough, b/c there is no way around having to sit for extended periods of time.  I would say to ensure your diet is really as close to BFL as possible, which will take some planning and packing of a cooler etc.  Also, every time you do stop, maybe do a few jumping jacks or something to get your heart rate up (I know it sounds silly to do this at a gas station, however, don't worry what others think, you'll never see them again, but maybe you can find somewhere more private).

    I had to take a train for 3 days but I had a private room.  I did jumping jacks, I got off the train for a quick jog at any chance, trying to put intensity into it, and did push-ups and tricep dips and squats, lunges in the room.

    hope that helps...

  • Thanks Shellnikk, I appreciate the advice. I'm planning on doing my UB when I get to the hotel, and doing cardio on Saturday should be fine as they have an elliptical there. I'll likely do LB on Sunday instead of Monday, and take Monday off from working out. Definitely going to need to plan things out- but I don't want this weekend to get me off!

  • A TRX suspension trainer will cost you about $200 dollars but is worth every penny in my opinion.  You can use it at home and toss it in a suitcase or carry on bag for travel.  Get the door mount attachment and you can workout in your hotel room and get a good workout.

  • You can get a Rip: 60 which is pretty much the same thing as a TRX for a lot less money.  I bought mine when they first came out and it was $75.  I think they are a lot cheaper than that now.  I saw some at a Wal-Mart for around $35 in the clearance isl once.Here's one on eBay for $70.

  • this is essentially a repost from

    I travel a lot and not all hotels have gyms and some are generally crowded. I'm too cheap to pay for LA Fitness or something similar.

    For squats and lunges, I use my suitcase for in-room exercises. I'll throw bottles of water in for extra weight and then add my laptop for more weight. I throw my BFL book and any magazines I can find as well. Kind of awkward, but it kind of becomes a little UB work as well. Squat thrusts are good also - no weight needed. I had a friend tell me he's used a bed to do leg presses.

    I've used the edge of the bed to do bench presses with my suitcase - one side at a time. Curls too b/c my suitcase has a foot that can be held like a handle.

    Sometimes it takes a lot of reps to get to 9, but that's what I do. I may eventually buy a set of water/travel dumbells.