week 1 results (a little but a lot to me!) with pics!

  • Okay so I know its only week one but I KNEW I was going to look better! I have never felt so amazing in my life. This is my first challenge ever and I've been wanting to do it for a decade. I am brand new on the forum so none of yall really know me yet. You seem to know each other. I figure I could introduce myself here with some pics of last week to this week. I don't get a newspaper but it occurred to me today that the NYtimes front page is online everyday. They archive those, it is the most legit proof I could come up with. So I just printed it out from my computer. I wish so bad I thought to do it last week!!! I honestly did not expect any change this soon.

     I thought it might help other people also just getting started if I detailed what I did this week and what my physical state was leading up to now. Some people don't get results till later even thought they are pushing hard, maybe because they had an active lifestyle already or went from eating less to more etc. With me I think it is just the other way around, where I am shrinking right away because of how I was living prior to starting. My body was telling me to move but I was pretty much sitting A LOT. Its so easy to slip and take it a little lighter in the beginning because people usually say they didn't get results that quick....So why push super hard if I wont see nothing anyway? Well I've had enough regrets already to last a lifetime, and if I didn't start off doing my absolute 100% best then I'd start with a regret already. So THIS is why its awesome to go nuts as soon as you can!

    Okay I know its not insane and I'm pretty fluffy....but its something and I feel like Marilyn Monroe. I do not own a scale. I don't like to torture myself with that flush of emotional pain in my gut when I see the numbers. That can't be good for weight loss anyway, cortisol or something right? So I just felt that my pants were slightly loose and I was excited to take my picture today. My plan from the beginning was/is to take one every Sunday. It made me feel "positive stress" during the week, I wanted to see if ANY change, however insignificant, was possible .

    I've read the book extensively over and over. I've wanted to do this so badly but I was not physically able to until now because of issues with substance abuse and an eating disorder. In Fall 2012 I got completely checked over by my doctor, all kinds of blood work and everything cuz I was insanely sick and sore and tired all the time....my liver was enlarged. I went dry from alcohol 3 years ago, but briefly relapsed in May n went on for 3 months drinking. I had also been abusing my RX medication to starve and maintain my weight cuz I always legitimately felt too ill to exercise and it made everything worse......I guess I hit bottom with the horrible ways I tried to stay thin in the sickness of alcoholism and drug abuse. I had felt sick and tired all the time since I was probably 18, but last fall at 25yrs old I couldn't take it anymore. I just started trying to eat like a "normal" person would. I felt like I was dying and I knew the 1st step was dealing with the food. It was really hard to stop drinking again, especially with the increasing weight. My body was my torture chamber, alcohol alleviated that somewhat. It took months of just being completely clean and sober, eating normally, for the literal feeling of constant hangover to wear off.

    In February I was like,"oh my God I don't feel awful all the time! I am not hungry all the time! I don't feel sick every time I eat!" But when you go from intense starving to major binge over and over for years, and you start to suddenly eat normal, you gain some dang weight. I knew it would happen but I didn't care. For the 1st time I just wanted to feel healthy more than I wanted to look thinner. Normal for me was that I could not even walk my dog out the front door of my apartment without feeling faint, dizzy and winded. So still checking in with the doctor, that's important big time. And even though I'm heavier than I've ever been, 5'10" at 240, I am the happiest I've ever been with myself because I am loving myself from the inside out. I know the outer change will come later because of what I'm doing.

    The week b4 last we had a major snowstorm in Kansas City. I started shoveling the snow because I'm a Florida native and never seen anything like it. It was intense, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was weird because I could never do intense labor in the past without feeling shakes all over my body n my heart would pound like I was about to die. I felt a little shaky shoveling the snow so I took breaks and ate something. It was a little easier. I cleared somewhat of a walk path for my neighbors n made a polar bear out of snow (I'm artistic so it was exciting to do that). I was like OMG I can get in shape now!!! I feel like crying because I'm so grateful just to be able to exert physical energy  feel good. Its so new to me.

    I was pumped because I knew I could do Body-for-Life now. I pulled the book out and read it again, slowly and carefully, cover to cover. I printed out all the daily worksheets for exercise(18 of each) and then flipped them over and printed the eating for like worksheet so I could make a notebook where the left page is diet and the right page is exercise. I wrote in depth about my goals and how I physically felt. I have never cooked meat before. SO I learned how to bake lean chicken breast and salmon (<3youtube) and made a bunch of it with lots of different raw fruits and vegetables available so I could throw together those 5-6 meals. Its all clean food, no butter, salt, oil or whatever else ruins healthy food. I at least knew that from living with my hardcore vegan brother and my super healthy parents.

    On Sunday, I planned out my routine for UPWO on Monday. I cut out the exercise guide and taped it together so I could easily follow along at my apartment gym. I have no prior experience doing these target training exercises with dumbbells. I tried the circuit machines at the Y years ago....but dude the free weights are killer thriller compared to that. I just put the exercise guide in my notebook and wrote down what I was doing on the minute rest between sets. 5lbs was hard, I was physically weak but dang I just felt so strong. And I actually did feel my muscles kick in and get stronger on the higher intensity levels, just like it says in the book. It was only a slight increase in strength, but hey I never felt that before! I did it on an empty stomach, it felt great since I had been eating normally leading up to it. Then when I started eating my meals, I mean it was like WHOA I can do more than I seriously thought I could in the first week. I just wear a watch and look at the time, eat a small meal of lean protein (chicken breast/fish) with one portion of whole food carbs every 2-3 hours or so. I leave my notebook on the counter and write it in there. ALSO in my notebook, I printed out my favorite before picture and wrote my goals on it so I can look at it everyday while maintaining some privacy. It makes me feel weird to post that on the mirror or something.

    Day 3 I was losing momentum. I was SOO ungodly sore, tired, grumpy. But sure enough when I ate my 1st meal after the workout I felt a million times better. I felt so excited, I keep waiting to feel horrible like I want to quit but it ain't happenin. But I was feeling a little bummed because I had nobody to talk about it with who is also doing it or has done it. My husband is super supportive, but I will just talk his ear off. And I am waiting to tell my folks because I want to surprise them. They are way into this stuff and it'd blow their minds if I did the challenge, they seen how I lived and I'm sure they wouldn't think I could keep it a secret. I learned about the BFL book because of them. So then I was like oh duh there is probably an online forum. So I just joined on in right at the beginning of my first challenge! 

    PS "LiL" Caity is not an ironic joke about my size. Thats what my Bffs call me because I am a gentle giant. I am pretty tall at  my most fit weight ever was 155lbs. Now I'm almost 100lbs heavier but its all good, still LiL Caity. Still waters run deep!

  • I was trying to get the picture uploaded in this comment cuz I didn't get it in the post but I got it figured out. Apparantly I can't delete a comment...?

  • LiL Caity, AWESOME job...you are an inspiration - keep it up!!!!!!!!

  • HUGE difference!  Keep up the good work, girl!  You look great!  :)

  • Thank you thank you! I see it way better looking at the pix again today, I must have been insanely bloated for it to be dramatic like that. Its awful once my weight was inching towards 250, I felt like I needed to pee ALL the time, and random parts of my limbs would look like a bee stung me there. No thanks! My parents are RNs, ICU & CCU. They would be so worried if they knew it got like that. I've heard them describe things about their patients that I started feeling. It really lit a fire under my cheeks.

  • Totally impressed...already!!! Great job, keep at it.  You are gonna rock it!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • That is an amazing difference for one week Lil Caity!!  Can you imagine how you'll look and feel at the end of week 12 if you've had that much change in 1 week!?!?  

  • Way to Go,  Some great progress in such a short time.  Keep Moving Forward and I am sure you will be even more pleased with your results, progress and energy increase.

  • That is unbelievable for one weeks results!!!!! Oh my god Caity that's amazing. You are gonna be the one to watch on this forum! Can't wait to see you at 12 weeks ! Wow!

  • Keep it up..You are doing great..:)

  • You guys are so nice, I've read your comments a dozen times already <3

  • Awesome results and story - I believe we have already connected on another forum - your picture after such a short amount of time shows such a dramatic change.  Way to go!  Your story really hits home and it gives me goosebumps to hear how positive you are - inspiration and motivation to keep us all going.  I think attitude counts the most!  Great job!!!

  • keep up the great work!!! :)

  • Thank you all for the compliments! I am so proud that I have made it past the second week and I am seeing such a difference. The gym at my apt has a mirror wall, and looking at myself today during my workout was so motivating. I finally feel "average" looking, the fat bulges that stuck out everywhere are narrowing down :-D

  • Awesome - isn't that a wonderful feeling!!

     I was just reading some posts from bfl-ers in their 5th week and not seeing results, so for you to see results this early in, that is motivation for me to keep going!  Everyone is different and not everyone will progress the same, but each day we do this, we progress just a little more.  I had a few bad days but am back on track.  I come to the forum for motivation....

    Keep it up!