My transformation in 12 weeks...I feel great!!

  • jrmcnaircpt, thanks for the support. I am 5'9". I think what has helped me the most to loose the fat so that the muscle shows through is CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO. I know the bfl program calls for 1 day lift, 1 day cardio but I have been doing cardion 6 days a week since I started back on Dec 3rd. Now I am so used to it, I look forward to my cardio time. Since I work in a Fire Station it is easy to get my cardio in during the workday, then I go to the gym on base mostly to lift. Keep me posted on your progress.. Thanks again and have a great day..:)

  • You have done a wonderful job.....I'm only in week 3....and today was the first day, I can actually say I feel some difference.  thought i spend a couple of minutes serving for some much needed inspiration to keep going.  You have done such a great job, hope I can only do half as well.


  • Great job!  You can really see a  big difference in the pics.  I'm just staring week 9 (down about 12 - 13 lbs).   I agree about the additional cardio.  What cardio did you do? How were your last three weeks?   I started at 6' and 215lbs and presently flirting with 200lbs.  Hope to have as much success as you had in your challenge.  Way to go!