8 weeks -15lbs TBM -7lbs LBM... NOT GOOD!

  • Hey guys, I'm just completing week 8.  I feel stronger, and I'm seeing VERY modest improvements in my progress pictures.  BUT, I took body fat measurements and something must be wrong with my diet.  REALLY DISCOURAGED!  I've lost about 15lbs over the course of 8 weeks, but nearly half of my weight loss has been lean body mass!  I started at 18% bodyfat, down to 16% bodyfat.  Lean Body Mass is so hard to gain, losing 7lbs is like getting kicked in the gut!  I have been following the BFL diet and workout by the book!  My cheat days are fairly modest, and my workouts are great!

    My goals were to lose body fat and maintain or increase LBM.  That's not the results I'm seeing.  Should I make any changes?  Or stick with the same plan for the final 4 weeks?

    I've been intaking about 1800 calories/day.  40/40/20.  That's roughly 1g of protein and 1g of carb per pound of body weight.  I'm thinking I should increase my total calories and cycle my carbs (rotating from 175g, 150g, 100g, 50g, 125g, 175g every 6 days).  If you intake 1 serving of protein and 1 serving of carb 6x per day as suggested by BFL and you're measuring your portions, how do you ever get above 1800 calories??

    Any thoughts?  Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Please rest assured , you have not lost any muscle. Muscle loss only happens at starvation levels and what  I mean by that is very low bodyfat levels, you could actually  go lower in calories to lose even more fat and as long as you weight train you will not lose muscle,  your method of measuring bodyfat is abviously incorrect

  • The two most likely explanations that I can think of:

    1) fightingfit2011 is right, and your method of measuring body fat isn't giving you accurate results for some reason.

    2) You started the challenge "bloated" with excess water retention, and what you're seeing is your body shedding the excess and getting back to a normal balance. Remember that lean body mass is not just muscle, but also bone, water, and everything else that isn't fat. I had the same thing happen to me on my first challenge but in reverse, regaining in the first week over 6 lbs of water weight I'd lost over Great Lent (I guarantee there's no way I gained that much muscle).

    If you were really losing muscle mass, I seriously doubt you would feel stronger or see any improvements in your progress pictures.

  • Thank you both!  I need to remember that my biggest goal was sticking to the plan for 84 days straight!  I'm in the home stretch with ZERO doubt that I'll complete the challenge.  Can't wait to share the 12 week results!